Ninjitsu Simulator ❤️ 2023

Ninja legends is a roblox mini game which is a fun ninjitsu simulator.

This game was developed by Scriptbloxian Studios.

Characteristics of roblox ninja legends

  1. The goal of this simulator is for users to train in ninjitsu
  2. Here you can get different swords for your training
  3. As you train, you will be able to gain ranks and become stronger and stronger

Islands of Ninja Legends

Among the islands we can visit in ninja legends are:

Valley Astral eternal Ghostly inner peace
winter wonderland midnight shadow Sandstorm dragon legend golden master
ancient hell Space mythical souls Mysticism Storm
Tundra skystorm ultraus cloning pets entertainment area Infinite Stats Dojo
cyber legends legends of chaos soul fusion dark elements altar of the elements
the boss of the samurai santa Ancient magma boss eternal boss

Weapons inside ninja legends

In ninja legends you can find a variety of swords for your fights, within the categories are these:

  • Bamboo
  • katanas
  • Swords
  • Chopsticks
  • go away
  • nagitana
  • Scythe
  • he said
  • Quad
  • DW
  • ninja form
  • Bed sheets
  • spears
  • Trident
  • master blade
  • the annihilator

ninja legends belts

Within the categories and belt colors you can win in the game are:

White Yellow Green orange blue
Purple Red Coffee Black gold
tiger mantises dragon Teacher ultra
Astral delighted Magical Heat wave twister
Activated Tundra Guardian Corrupt breeze
Lightning bolts astrobelt exos Rainbow Python
legends Ninja masterful focus masterly master of the sky
subzero zenith From the soul entropy Basic
the old masters legend hunter final energy master of souls building a master universe
eternal Inner peace dummy immortal master of the galaxy
eternity Dark shadow ancient fusion endless legends immortality
shadow legend revelation of eternity immortal masters soul of eternity ancient legends
chaos fusion the soul of the spirit dragon master thunder ancient prophecy
star strike masters legends of dimensions ancient eternal destiny elemental battle master dark midnight shadows
Infinity Eclipse Samurai Genesis cyber legends 1 to 6 Skystorm masters band 1 to 8 Legends of Chaos 1 to 7
Starstrike Infinity Master Master legends assassin V1 to 8 Awakened Frost Master Belt V1 al 8 Gold shuriken master belt V1 to V8 Dragon Legends V1 to V8
Ultra soul fusion 1 to V3 Dragon elements V1 and 2 skyblade 1 and 2

skills of ninja legends

Abilities are those that are needed to excel in the game, with them you will be able to fight and escape from danger more easily, in the game they are:

  • double unders
  • Invisibility
  • speed increase
  • hit boss
Roblox Ninja legends: ninjitsu simulator

ninja legends codes

The following codes are available for this map:

senseisanta500 500 gold update gold ninja 500 epicelements 500
zenmaster500 dojomaster500 hashdhashdhawdr ultra secret 10k
silent shadows 1000 omegasecrets5000 ssoulninja1000 dragonlegends750
secretcrystal1000 legends 500 mil blizzardninja500 legends 200 mil
sparkninja20 legendary ninja500 swiftblade300 masterninja750
desertninja250 shadowinja500 soul hunter5 Dragon Warrior 500
epicflyingninja500 christmas ninja 500 slavegirl15 skymaster750
epictrain15 darkmaster1000

Pets and their rarity in ninja legends

Pets are companions that go with you all the time, you can upgrade them.

There are different types of rarity available in the game:

Necessary Omega beast Skyblade
Advanced elite heavenly storm
strange infinity soul master
epic woke up rising hero
only master legend Q punch

ninja legends leaderboards

With the latest update, there are 59 positions in the game that you can achieve.

Ranks can be achieved in the game by leveling or by purchasing coins.

The game ranges are:

Novice Grasshopper Apprentice Samurai Murderer
Shade Ninja Sensei master sensei ninja legend
Master of Shadows the eternal hunter shadow legend master of the elements living legend
an immortal killer Dragon Warrior dragon master sensei of chaos legend of chaos
Ancient Battlemaster an ancient battle legend Legendary Shadow Duelist the main killer legend Mythical Master of Shadows
Legendary Shadow Master Awakened Scythemaster The legend of the scythe awakens master legend zephyr Golden Son Shuriken Master
Legend of the golden sun shuriken Legend of the Dark Sun of the Samurai form ev. from dragon I Dragon Evolution Form II dragon evolution form 3
Dragon Evolution Form IV Dragon Evolution Form V Electrocybernetic Master electro cyber legend Slayer of Shadow Chaos
Legend of Shadow Chaos Infinite Sensei Legend of Infinity Master Ninja Skyblade Aether Genesis master ninja Elite series master legend Master Legend Sensei Hunter Master of Infinite Shadows skystorm series samurai legend Sensei from lightning storm
Elemental Hero Master soul master of the Eclipse series master sensei star strike Master Ninja from the Evolved series Guardian of the dark elements
Dark Element Swordmaster The Eternal Ninja from the Rising Shadow Shadow Storm Sensei

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