NMMV in Dubois plans more vehicles, exhibits improvements

Updated information from NMMV:

With the addition of new vehicles and enhancements to existing exhibits in the Marshall and Puller Galleries, guests at the National Military Vehicle Museum may experience slight disruption while touring the museum from March 13th to April 28th. While the museum and its three main galleries will remain open on their current Wednesday-Sunday schedule, security considerations will lead to a temporary disruption inside the 160,000-square-foot museum eight miles southeast of Dubois.

The connection between American manufacturing and freedom

“When we walk guests through our Marshall Gallery, we talk about the connection between American manufacturing and American freedom beyond what guests see on a self-guided tour. We are incorporating key points of this tour information into our permanent display at the entrance to the Combat Vehicle Rotunda,” said museum founder Dan Starks.

Additions to the combat vehicle rotunda

The museum will add a rare World War II M22 Locust airborne light tank to its combat vehicle rotunda. The museum will also add an M26 armored personnel carrier, a 75mm hand-carried howitzer, a 57mm anti-tank gun and other tank engines on racks, including an example of the Ford GAA petrol aluminum engine that was used in the M4A3 series. Sherman tanks.

Red Ball Express

“We’re revitalizing our Red Ball Express with three new trucks—a Corbitt 6x6x6 main tractor, a Brockway bridge truck and a LeRoi air compressor truck—as well as adding a new reader display and a new display case featuring small Red Ball Express artifacts,” added Starks.

Iwo Jima

Starks noted that the planned work will convert the display of Operation Flintlock into a presentation on the Battle of Iwo Jima and will include a Sherman flamethrower tank, an armored LVT, and information on the significance and cost of the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Brown Water Navy in Vietnam

The museum’s restoration shop has been busy restoring a Vietnam War-era Strike Team Assault Boat (STAB) to complement its interpretation of the Brown Water Navy in the Vietnam War. Some of the existing walls will be dismantled to allow the STAB to be incorporated into the museum’s Brown Water Navy exhibit. Plans are underway to unveil STAB with some of its former crew members on May 20 at the Puller Gallery. Details of the extraordinary ceremony will follow at a later date.

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