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No-boil dandelion syrup, that is, homemade cold syrup [PRZEPIS]

Thermal processing has many benefits, but it can strip valuable nutrients from our homemade products. Therefore, an excellent alternative is to prepare syrups that do not need to be boiled, such as cold dandelion syrup. The recipe itself is very simple and should not cause any problems even for beginners in herbal medicine. Preserve the health-giving properties of flowers – learn an easy no-cook dandelion syrup recipe!

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Hot or cold dandelion syrup?

According to the definition of the Polish Pharmacopoeia (11th edition), syrups are nothing more than water preparations, characterized by a sweet taste and a specific, viscous consistency. The preparation of syrups can be divided into those that are prepared hot and cold. If the syrup contains substances sensitive to temperature, then it is worth preparing such a syrup using the cold method.

Here sugar dissolves in water without an elevated temperature, and it is worth putting a filter layer on the bottom of the jar. The syrup obtained by this method is extremely clear and does not require repeated draining. When preparing cold syrup, it should be noted that they take a little more time than hot prepared.

Cold Dandelion Syrup – Ingredients

An interesting fact is that while dandelion and dandelions are deceptively similar, they are two completely different plants. Therefore, special attention should be paid when collecting flowers for syrup. How to distinguish them from each other, we explain in the article with the title. Dandelion or Dandelion? Also check where and when you collect dandelion flowers for syrup so that it has as many health-promoting properties as possible Dandelion Harvest Time. Where, how and what to collect?


Dandelion syrup without boiling [PRZEPIS]

Discover a simple recipe for dandelion syrup without cooking, ie dandelion syrup according to Professor Ożarowski*.

Before preparing the syrup, it is worth giving the dandelion flowers a rest so that any creatures that may be inside can escape. Also, remove the green parts if you want to avoid the bitter syrupy taste they can emit.

Recipe Guide

  1. Arrange ready-made dandelion flowers in a jar in layers separated by sugar, according to the principle one layer of flowers, one layer of sugar. Then it’s worth whipping it up slightly. It is worth remembering that the last layer should be sugar.
  2. When the whole jar is filled with dandelions, pour a small amount (up to a few tablespoons) of spirits over it.
  3. Then place the jar in a warm and sunny spot, but not too hot, for 7 to 10 days. Otherwise the setting remains empty. You can also put the jar in a dark place, but in this case the whole process will take longer.
  4. The next step is to put the jar in the fridge where it will age for 3-4 months.
  5. It is worth remembering that, unlike hot syrup, cold syrup is not sifted, but eaten together with flower petals.
  6. After a few months, the syrup is completely ready to eat.

Cold dosage of dandelion syrup

When you begin your adventure with dandelion, you should start by taking it in small doses. In the beginning, leave it a teaspoon of syrup per day, then increase the dose to 3-4 teaspoons.

Health-Promoting Properties of Dandelion Syrup Without Cooking

According to Professor Ożarowski, dandelion syrup prepared using the cold method works particularly well for inflammation of the upper respiratory tract (bronchitis, problems with the trachea), inflammation of the mouth and throat, bronchitis and persistent cough.

Dandelion flowers are rich in valuable ingredients such as: pollen, lutein, numerous vitamins, mineral salts, flavones. It also works well as a choleretic and general tonic.

Tincture, oil and glycerite of dandelion

Dandelion is still underestimated because the whole plant from the roots to the flowers is classified as a medicinal raw material and its individual components can be used in many ways.

An interesting solution is Dandelion tincturewhich are very easy to prepare. Petals should be poured with a glass of water and pure spirit and kept in a dark place for a week. Thus, the resulting tincture is about 60-70%.

In exchange for preparation dandelion oilIt is worth reaching for high-quality extra virgin olive oil, which should be poured over dandelion flowers and left for two weeks, preferably on a windowsill with access to sunlight.

Glycerite or glycerin-based syrup helps to preserve the valuable active ingredients in the dandelion flowers. Glycerin, which you can buy at any pharmacy, is a good idea if you must avoid using alcohol in your homemade brew.

* Professor Aleksander Ożarowski (1916-2011) is a Polish pharmacist, doyen of Polish herbal medicine, scientist and popularizer of science, lecturer at Polish medical universities, researcher at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry in Warsaw (source: Wikipedia).

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