No business on Sunday, so I go to the reading room for a pint

We live in the vapors of the absurd, and the state, instead of liquidating it, puts it in the oven. This is what happens when politics wins over common sense.

From the beginning, trade restrictions had more opponents than supporters. Let us remind you that since 2018 it has been valid two Sundays a month and since 2020 every Sunday, except for exceptions in the year. Of course, as with everything, politics was the deciding factor. The idea of ​​the trade unionists from Solidarity was supported by PiS, a 2-year transition period was added to ease the dissatisfaction of the less radical part of the electorate a little, and as a result, this is the case. The Poles had to get used to it for two years. I think they are not used to it.

Similar restrictions apply in several European countries, but there is no uniform practice. Germany, Austria, but also Switzerland and Norway have completely banned the trade. Some countries have partial restrictions, others none.

Rules are made to be broken

Let us now leave the meaning of this law aside for a moment. And let’s focus on what we are really good at as a nation. That is, in the fight against the system that is in our blood. If there are rules, then it is not to follow them, but to follow them. Our tradition is being drained by mother’s milk, partitions, communism, statelessness and the feeling that the country is ours. He was always theirs. If so, there is nothing wrong with cheating. Rather, it is a matter of pride and glory that we made them feel like they were riding.

This was, of course, also the case with the trade ban. The two transition years went quickly and quite painlessly, the 2×2 system worked well for me. Employees had time to rest, people – to shop.

To the post office, to the station, to the rental office…

But then it started. Grzegorz Ułan described it brilliantly in his text. The game is in full swing and the end is in sight. Żabka is the leader in circumventing regulations, but other networks are no worse off. First, shops turned into post offices where you could send or pick up a package. The government amended the regulations so that at least 40 percent must be achieved. monthly income. And the post offices in the shops also disappeared.

But there were other lunatics. Sports equipment rentals. Funeral Home. Petrol station. And even a bus station.

… And now to the reading room

The latest hit is Reader’s Club. According to Taka’s shops, about a dozen are already operating on Sundays. These are franchises, so by regulation they can operate as long as the owner is behind the money. And this applies to small establishments. It’s worse with the big ones. But if it is not a shop, but a reading room – other employees can work there normally. This is happening in one of the Carrefour Polska stores in Warsaw. On the account is a table with a few books and a note that you can borrow or exchange them.

Importantly, the provision that allows sales on Sundays says: “commercial establishments in establishments operating in the fields of culture, sport, education, tourism and leisure”. And there is not a word in it about the scope of this activity. Therefore, the number of sentences at post offices increased by at least 40 percent. income on this account.

Of course, the National Labor Inspectorate has announced that it will start inspections. But post offices in shops were also punished, and then all the cases were lost in the courts, and all that was needed was an amendment to the regulations.

I am very curious how it will be in this case. Will it appear legibly in larger stores? There is always room for two armchairs, a bookcase and a coffee machine. And that doesn’t seem like a big price to pay for being able to earn seven days a week.

And if it fails, there will be more ideas. Głos Wielkopolski wrote about Geronimo Martins, aka Biedronka, wondering if his chosen facilities might not function as medical facilities on Sundays. Legal analyzes are ongoing. The Dino stores, in turn, should include in their articles of activity a rental and rental of sports equipment and the operation of cultural facilities.

Will it ever end?

Solidarity wanted a trade ban. And I understand that, as a trade union, it should fight for the rights of its employees. The division into two free Sundays and two working Sundays was a golden mean. Or rather a rotten compromise. Maybe no one was completely satisfied, but everyone got what they wanted. Workers – rest. Owners and customers – purchase option. No one had to struggle, bend the rules, maneuver and cheat. But instead of leaving it like that, the bolt needed to be tightened.

According to a recent survey of Sunday trading, it is 35 percent. Against 55. It doesn’t matter to others. I personally hate it when polls decide politics. And so it was in the history of our country. I dream that common sense will decide this. And I hope he wins this thing one day. For now, we have a gray area. A large group of our nation maneuvering on the edge of the law is in their blood, and it is good that the next generations can think and act differently.


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