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No date, no weight category, but Michael Chandler wants to show the stadium for McGregor Fight.

LAS VEGAS, NV — Two things have happened in Michael Chandler’s world since arriving in Las Vegas to coach Conor McGregor. Super fighter 31. A couple of other things haven’t.

For one thing, Chandler (ages 23-8) fell in love with being a coach on the show. Although he stated that in the long term He doesn’t plan on becoming a coach when his career is over.

“I want to come here and beat Conor,” Chandler said while speaking to media outlets including Cageside Press over the weekend. “Turns out I want my people to win more than I want to beat Conor.”

Chandler also learned that Although they respect each other. But he and McGregor didn’t particularly like each other. At least not as much as expected after their online interactions over the years.

“It was always fun and sincere until it wasn’t. It’s always Copacific until we reach boiling point. Conor and I are natural competitors. as i said I am here to prove that I am better than him in every aspect. in every aspect of the competition It’s not just us who fought in the coming years, but in this tournament, The Ultimate Fighter,” explains Chandler.

“Connor and I have a lot of respect for each other. Even in his vain and dreadful words Behind it all, he has a huge respect for the sport. For the purity of mixed martial arts purity of martial arts and all the competitors,” he continued. “Connor and I have a lot of respect for each other. but in the end I don’t know if we liked each other as much as we thought we were going to be. And the good thing is that we will be able to pack the 4 oz glove under the rules set for later this year. And I can’t wait to do it.”

What hasn’t happened yet is the fight booking, no dates, no weight classes. No announcements have been made between Chandler and McGregor, who are expected to face off later this year. McGregor has yet to return to the USADA drug testing facility, a requirement for UFC fighters. He withdrew for unknown reasons a year ago. Last while rehabilitating a broken leg — although USADA previously told Cageside Press that the UFC alone could choose to waive the test.

“No information yet. I’m looking for info but at this point I don’t think it’s at 155. Conner says maybe 170. I like it at 170. I’ll fight him at 185. I’ll fight him in whatever weight he wants to fight at. exclaimed Chandler. “I don’t care. I just want to fight that guy.”

According to the broadcast of super fighter 31, which started in late May Fall days are just right for Chandler. “It makes sense that the show ends in August for us to fight in September, October, or later this fall. I’ve never actually heard of the date. But I plan to be ready by August, September, October, anytime.”

One thing Chandler wanted was a bigger venue. He believes that he and McGregor created a fight that was too big for the confines of your average arena.

“I think this fight is too big to do T-Mobile Arena, I think we sold out Allegiant Stadium or Dallas Cowboys Stadium,” Chandler said.

Watch Michael Chandler’s full media appearance at UFC 285 above.

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