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“No development opportunity,” says Anderson Torres’ defense of 8/1 action

Photo by Adriano Machado/Cruso

The lawyer responsible for the defense of Anderson Torres (photo) any chance of a prize-winning deal is buried By the former secretary of security of the federal district. Rodrigo Roca also claims that this was not the reason why the group of lawyers abandoned the lawsuit.

“Not a chance [de delação]. I do not work with whistleblowers. I left the defense of Sergio Cabral Filho the moment he decided to join the condemnation;said the lawyer from Rio de Janeiro The opponent with exclusivity. “The day any client decides to report, I’m out of business. If that was the reason for my colleagues to leave, I would leave too.”

the rock said no there is an opportunity for cooperation by Anderson Torres with authorities because there is nothing to discover.

“Unable to remove due to complete lack of content”says the lawyer who confirmed the absence of the former Security Secretary at the District CPI hearing on Anti-Democracy Acts scheduled for Thursday (9). “He will not go. Federal police interrogated my client for 10 hours. It would be pointless for him to go to KPI to announce what he has already said. We all already know what he’s going to say.”

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