No, EA continues to sell boxed games

Electronic Arts assures you and confirms that it continues to sell & cacute; box games in some countries. Confusion about it arose & lstrok; o si & eogon; yesterday after the publication of the German gaming site.

Games Wirtschaft informs & lstrok ;, invite & lstrok; cia & aogon; c si & eogon; on the latest corporate financial report that EA is preparing a “restructuring & eogon;” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Reduce & aogon; with & eogon; popular & sacute; & cacute; will free & nacute; in the region of mia & lstrok; and from & lstrok; about & zdot; y & cacute; si & eogon; on switch & sacute; & aogon; & aogon; exclusively on digital & aogon; distribution & eogon;.

It’s not going to happen. “We continue with the distribution of & cacute; games in boxes” – Written about & sacute; testimony for Eurogamer. “Players still b & eogon; d & aogon; could buy & cacute; our games in stores in those countries. Reports say that something else with & aogon; Niew & lstrok; a & sacute; ciw & aogon; interpretation & aogon ; financial documents from & lstrok; o & zd; ou Germany”.

The topic was also taken up by other media yesterday, bard & aogon; c soon & lstrok; y end of boxes & lstrok; even in other regions. The increasing dominance of digital distribution is of course a fact, but it seems that, at least for now, nothing has changed & eogon; in access & sacute; ciu Electronic Arts.

Games Wirtschaft made its conclusions based on a change in the description of the activities of the EA branch in Cologne. From the text, ę was removed from the mention of Fr. “Import, export, distribution of software”leave & aogon; c simple “Services relating to video, video games, software and interactive & aogon; entertainment & aogon; “.

It appears that the American corporation & eogon; of & cacute; least likely to give up on the & nacute; physical. Its portfolio includes numerous sports series which – like si & eogon; it seems – with & aogon; very popular among less dedicated and committed players who can & aogon; preferring & cacute; in & lstrok; and & sacute; not classic slides.

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