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Play informs about several important changes in the operator’s offer. The network eliminates additional charges for calls to customer service and also lowers roaming charges.

At the beginning of play The operator boasts of this from January 1, 2023 no additional fees will be charged for customer service calls.

From now on we will pay for such calls according to the operator’s price list – like calling a number on the Play network. In addition, owners of unlimited calling packages (and we probably have most of them) don’t pay a cent.

The new rules apply to both Play and Operators Virgin Mobile, Red Bull Mobile and Fact Mobile.

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Play says in a press release.

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Lower roaming prices

At the same time, the purple operator informs about the introduction of changes in the price lists of roaming services in the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein from January 1, 2023.

Play lowers fees:

  • calculated based on GB limit usage in international roaming: the new price is PLN 0.01018600 for 1 MB (PLN 10.43 for GB),
  • for data transfer in international roaming in the euro zone, calculated on the basis of the Fair Use Policy (additional fee) – the new price is PLN 0.01018600 for 1 MB (PLN 10.43 for GB),
  • for a call received in international roaming in the Eurozone charged on the basis of the fair use policy (additional fee) – the new price is PLN 0.01 per minute of talk.

Due to price changes, gigabyte limits for data transfer in international roaming in the Eurozone are also increasing. Limits vary depending on the tariff – see the regulations for details.

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play photo

Finally, the operator adds that they are extending the promotional period for the UK until December 31, 2023. International roaming rates in the UK and Gibraltar are as follows:

  • Minute of the outgoing and received call – 0.29 PLN,
  • SMS / MMS – PLN 0.29,
  • Data transfer – 29 PLN per GB (calculated per 1 kB).

The promotion is available to users who have signed a contract after January 1, 2021.

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Source: press release

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