No one believed, this is why Bolsa Família is criticized and even surprised Lula

Lula’s government, as predicted, will set the tone Bolsa Familia practically now in March.

Since the beginning of the mandate of Luís Inacio Lula da Silva, the intention was to propose a specific value for each group to be considered and which would equally accompany the composition of the family.

This means that the intention is to pay more for those with large families.

Oh Bolsa Familia has been officially working in the country since March 2 of this year. It was on this day that current President Lula made it a point to sign the MP (Temporary Measure) that would recreate the program that had previously been replaced by the Auxílio Brasil loan.

With this change, the Federal Government took the opportunity to announce, amid some criticism, what will be the news of the social benefit, which will start immediately.

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Changes to Bolsa Família draw criticism

This is why Bolsa Família is being criticized right now, Adobe Stock

The cadastral verification process as part of this income transfer program started in March and will be completed in December.

About 2.5 million families are expected to no longer be on the list because they do not meet all the necessary criteria.

On this basis, approximately 1.5 million groups will be out of the program in March.

Another innovation that has already been announced for Bolsa Família is the calculation of the amounts to be missed for each of the beneficiaries.

While Auxílio Brasil transferred an equal amount to all types of family members, now some children, teenagers, as well as pregnant women will also receive a higher cost allowance than others.

How much will the program pay for groups?

After the MP was launched, the calculation of the cost of the income transfer program was changed, and the news came into effect this month.

Thus, the minimum transfer to be paid to some of the intended groups has also increased in 2023 to 600.00 roubles.

In the face of such a scenario, changes in the values ​​of the social program allowed the amounts paid by the program to be;

  • A minimum transfer of R$600.00 to each insured family, effective January 2023;
  • A bonus of R$ 150.00 for each child under the age of six, which will be paid from March;
  • A bonus of R$ 50.00 for children over seven years old, adolescents up to 18 years old and pregnant women, which will be paid from June.

To save Bolsa Familia It is true, as it should be, children as well as teenagers should have maximum attendance at school.

In addition, it is necessary to update the vaccination book. Those who are pregnant should also undergo prenatal care, accompanying each stage of pregnancy.

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