Luís Roberto Barroos, de toga em sua mesa no STF, entrelaça as mãos, em gesto parecido com o de rezaEntertainment 

Nobody wants the STF, but Barroso is right when he says Brazil needs a ‘clash of civilizations’

The Supreme Minister rightly declares that Brazil has become a ‘country of insults’; The new order seems to be always insulting the other without any consideration

Nelson Jr./SCO/STF – 06/29/2021Luís Roberto Barroos, wearing a toga at his desk in the STF, clasps his hands in a gesture similar to that of prayer
Luís Roberto Barroso had a conflict with a woman during an event in England

Hostile scenes are repeating themselves more and more. On Thursday, the 30th, the Minister of Federal Court of Justice, Luis Roberto Barroso, was at the Centro Integrado de Cultura, in Florianópolis, where he participated in the commemorations of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the State Attorney General’s Office. He had to leave by the back door in the face of demonstrations against him and, therefore, STF. Protected by several security guards, he got into a car and sped away from the place, in front of a group of people with unpublishable curses. This has been repeated over and over again with Supreme Court judges, the result of an unacceptable arrogance on the part of a court that seems to live in another world. Ministers talk a lot about civilization, but this civilization has not yet reached the Court. And it looks like it won’t be here anytime soon. Directions are increasingly uncertain.

Does anyone still love STF? Not this columnist. Like millions of Brazilians, this columnist stopped believing. Today, the STF looks more like a political party. Some ministers present decisions that are an insult to the country. But they are there, they are now real celebrities. Each advocates, shall we say, “higher orders.” Yes, higher orders. The STF no longer represents the final word on Brazil’s problems. No. Celebrities vote for convenience. There is some kind of agreement in the so-called noble hall. Just look at the two presidential nominations Jair Bolsonaro: Cassio Nunes Marques AND André Mendonca. They are servile ministers who devote themselves only to the government, not to the country or to the truth. Toga celebrities live in a separate world within Brazil.

However, not always, some of these celebrities say things that are impossible not to accept. This is the case of the same minister Luís Roberto Barroso, who on the 25th gave a lecture at the Brazil Forum in the United Kingdom, at the University of Oxford, England. Barroso was called a liar by a woman in the audience. He was interrupted when he said he had to prevent the “disgusting break” that would be the return of printed ballots with manual public counting, a practice he called “the way to cheat.” Then the woman stood up and called him a liar. Even with the concern, the STF minister suggested she go online and read what President Bolsonaro has said about electronic voting machines to mobilize his base with a tone of coup. Barroso noted that conservative thought in Brazil, which is legitimate, has been caught up in rudeness. The minister is right. This is exactly what is currently happening in this seemingly no-man’s land.

The magistrate pointed out that it is necessary to be able to discuss in a polite manner, with respect and consideration. “We have become a country of offences,” Barroso said. Who can say otherwise? No one. Brazil has even become a country without civilized principles. Barroso is right when he says that Brazil lacks the “clash of civilizations”. That you have to work with the truth and have respect. That Brazil no longer works with facts. Today people choose sides and create narratives to expose their beliefs, but all based on insult. Today Brazil is a country where every individual says, in the name of God, “I want you to die!”. This is exactly what is happening right now. It lacks a minimum of respect to discuss any topic. The new order seems to be always insulting the other without any consideration. Uncivilized, yes. In recent years, this fact has been emphasized more and more. People have become enemies. This image of a happy country, full of smiles on blue beaches and beautiful women, does not tell the truth. What actually exists is an unretouched portrait of a Brazil that preferred disease as a way of life, starting with most of the rulers.

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