Not just Left 4 Dead. The valve is experiencing a large leak

A huge number of files from early versions of Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2, the Portal series and other hits from the Valve studio have been leaked online. This is a real feast for modders, because among the data we will find a lot of unpublished maps, skins and character models.

According to Insider Gaming, in the file related to Team Fortress 2 alone we will find over 60 GB of unreleased maps, skins for weapons and heroes, and even models of playable female characters. The so far undisclosed content was leaked on Discord by a certain LeakerWanderer, who – as he admitted – only got the data in 2016, although don’t you dare publish it then.

The source of the leak is reportedly Valve’s server where files were stored during game development. Some of them had access to the network as early as 2016, which is confirmed by the words of the previously mentioned leaker. It seems that now the whole&lstro;ą odmorę content of the folder company is now.

Unfortunately, fans expecting a sequel to Team Fortress or Half-Life will be disappointed, because nothing was found in the files that could be related to a potential plan for further development of the series. The discovered assets will also be useful for modders who are confident in using them to create their own projects.

The past week is definitely not one of Valve’s happiest times. Let us remind you that only four days ago we informed about the leak of information about the early prototype of Terror-Strike, which was originally supposed to be only a change on Counter-Strike Source. Evolutionary design finally in the blockbuster Left 4 Dead.

The remaining last month, but very fruitful for leaks. At the end of last year ł źoriginal with Rayman 4, and just a few days later, ż early & late; version&egon; Horizon Forbidden West, thanks to which those interested could see how it was titled in the early stages of production.

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