Nothing is being sub-branded to take on Apple. The XO is coming

Nothing plans to enter the American market and has huge ambitions. As it turns out, however, Pei wants to take on Apple under a different name.

Nothing wants to challenge Apple. But entering the US market will be quite specific

As we reported some time ago, the CEO of Nothing plans to enter the US market and is already laying the groundwork for it by talking to operators about introducing his new smartphone to the US. In an interview with CNBC, Carl Pei admitted that the reason his company didn’t launch earlier in the US was because it required a lot of additional technical support to support all the operators and their unique customizations. . Now, however, the situation has changed, and the company’s smartphones should appear in the US, because the headphones are very popular. According to data provided by Pei, 1/3 of sales come from the US.

Pei has officially admitted that he wants to challenge Apple by entering the US. As he points out, there isn’t much room for Android devices in the US right now, after all, almost 80 percent of the market is iOS, and that’s what he wants to change.

You become a marketing whiz and get people to pay attention to “Nothing” and then wanting to fight Apple… you change the name.

It’s no secret that Carl Pei, known for creating OnePlus among other things, has done the most with Nothing in terms of marketing. Mysterious ads, playing with colors, contrast and giving each device a new, unique animal impressed a huge number of people. The unique Android cover, the illuminated back of the smartphone, the unusual charging case for headphones (which, by the way, was presented at the London fashion show) or even the unusual name using brackets; all this makes everyone just. interested in Nothing products.

And I must admit that it succeeds. The company’s results this year can be considered successful. official figures speak of more than 500,000 Phone (1) smartphones and more than 600,000 pairs of Ear (1) and Ear (stick) headphones sold. Although the company’s products are not at all revolutionary, and their biggest advantage is their extravagant design (which does not change the fact that they are a decent and reasonable option for their price), the interest in their products is constantly growing. However, Nothing doesn’t want to enter the US market under another, unknown brand… in the US it’s XO.

XO will debut Particles headphones

Kuba Wojciechowski told 91mobiles that Nothing has a sub-brand called XO. All found in products where Nothing is responsible for the firmware; “Particles by XO” was on the list, and it turns out that it will likely be the first product of Carl Pei’s new company in the US.

Source: 91mobiles

The whistleblower has also obtained product photos, which suggest that the sub-brand name itself is XO, while Particles will be the name of the headphones. It’s worth noting that this name is already registered in the US, and reports of a Nothing sub-brand seem to be confirmed by the headphones being codenamed B154, and the upcoming Nothing Ear (2) being called the B155.

Source: 91mobiles

The wireless headphones are said to be equipped with LHDC and ANC (as opposed to Ear (wood)), which suggests that this will be a premium product. The design itself is also interesting, although the appearance does not directly refer to the company’s previous projects. Here we will deal with a round, white case and headphones in the form of two “balloons”. Interestingly, early images suggest that when the earbud is inserted into the ear, the protruding part faces upwards, unlike most products on the market.

Source: 91mobiles

The idea is nice, but is it wiser to decide on a sub-brand at such an early stage? Since Nothing is really not doing well in terms of marketing and has already gained some publicity, I’m surprised that Pei decided to move to the US under a different name, especially since he has huge ambitions to take on Apple.

Source: 91mobiles

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