NRF 2023 – Big Retail Show

Roseana Rocha

January 15, 2023 – 06:00

Basically, on the first day, I made a selection that is quite diverse and I think it’s a very general view of what NRF is this year. I begin by addressing the lectures of Kate Ancketilldirector and founder GDR Creative Intelligence, who is one of the most respected people today when it comes to predicting the next steps in relation to retail. She has a very nice panel that will be talking about climate, cost of living, cryptocurrency, web 3, so in the same panel she will be working on several topics that directly affect retail and, in my opinion, it will be a must-attend lecture that brands can look, understand how all this affects business models. In addition, the study of ways to bypass and improve the whole process so that these impacts are smaller and smaller in society.

Retail Strategies for Big Disruptors: Climate Change, Cost of Living, Viral Outbreaks, Crypto and Web3

Javits North, Level 4, Elastic Track Stage – 11:15 a.m. to 11:45 a.m

Another speech that will be interesting is from Matt Alexanderco-founder and CEO of Neighborhood Goods, which has an operating model focused on sustainable brands, regional brands and a really cool curation process, along with Amanda Raposo, who is the CEO of CAMP, manages to bring a very innovative vision to retail, since the topic of the lecture is exactly curation, attracting people and thinking about modernity. So it is possible to have the clarity of brick-and-mortar stores that work with brands that are increasingly omnichannel. In addition, the lecture will address new monetization models in physical retail, such as smarter partnerships, systems that leverage the store as a media space, in-store experiences that help engage and entertain the community. It’s a speech I have high hopes for.

Defined, captivating, contemporary: a blueprint for brick-and-mortar stores

Javits North, Level 4, Elastic Path Stage – 1:15pm to 1:45pm

And the third lecture brings a bit of applied metaverse. In the last few years, when traders at these trade shows started talking about the metaverse, the metaverse seemed like something impressive, but nothing concrete. This NRF will feature a panel titled “The verse of the metaverse,” which aims to explain how brands can participate in digital experiences. So the panel includes Roblox’s head of fashion and beauty partnerships, Winnie Burkeand Chris Takkenberg, Tommy Hilfiger’s VP of Digital, a brand that has done some very cool work within the metaverse. I have a lot of respect for all of Roblox’s work, so I believe it will be a very interesting panel, again focused on building communities and connecting through digital environments. The experiences out there in the metaverse, whether virtual or creative, are experiences that connect communities and are connected to what we believe will be a strong retail movement in the coming years.

Metaverse insiders: How can brands participate in the next frontier of digital experiences?

Javits North, Level 4, Room 404, Twilio Stage – 1:15pm to 1:45pm

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