Nubank celebrates 10 years of being present in the lives of Brazilians

“Where there is no Nubank, there is Nubank” campaign, the purpose of which is to strengthen the achievements of the company over the years.

Nubank presented its 10th anniversary campaign with the title Even where there is no Nubank, there is Nubankwhich aims to reinforce the company’s achievements over the years.

The campaign has three pieces that aim to show how the brand is present in people’s daily lives and take its place as one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil.


The concept behind the campaign revolves around the bank’s impact on the lives of its 80 million customers, be it planning for the next 10 years or making better use of time away from queues.


The color purple, used in a subtle way, indicates a brand presence that goes far beyond the financial point of view.


Even where there is no Nubank, there is Nubank it’s the first campaign of the year with a strong impact on external media (out-of-home), in addition to digital media, social media presence and influencer partnerships.

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