“Nubank” clients are concerned about “disappearances” of money.

customers of Nubank they report about the unpleasant situation in their social networks. In recent days, the money deposited into the digital account simply disappeared. Many fintech users this way looking for the missing money.

How to recover the “missing” amount?

in the community of Nubank, NuCommunity, customers criticize the fintech, on the other hand, others offer advice on how to recover the missing money. In most cases, consumers are advised to update the digital bank application.

In any case, it is important to contact the facility to report the problem and avoid further damage. See what the service channels are.

  • Chat through the app. available in Help Me;
  • Email mail: meajuda@nubank.com.br;
  • Main phone: 0800 608 6236;
  • Ombudsman by email: Ouvidoria@nubank.com.br;
  • Ombudsman’s telephone number: 0800 887 0463.
Nubank customers report lack of money in their digital account – Source: Reproduction.

Nubank BRL 200 limit

Oh Nubank resolved issue R$200 for customers who make purchases through a special feature in your app.

the user of CREDIT card you can spend the specified amount in contactless payment from fintech, the famous Roxinho.

This way, the customer can simply bring the card to the machine without inserting it, and spend less time leaving the product in the store.

The service can also be used for purchases over BRL 200, but in this case the system will ask for the password.

In addition, this payment technology uses cryptography that changes with each transaction, providing greater security for the buyer. Therefore, to activate the option, simply:

  1. Sign in to the app Nubank;
  2. On the main screen, click on the profile area;
  3. Then select the “set up card” option;
  4. Finally, activate the “contactless shopping” option.

Remembering that the feature can be turned off whenever the customer wants by following the same instructions above.

In this case, the button will turn white/grey, indicating that the function is disabled.

How can I shop at Nubank nearby?

First, contactless shopping Nubankit is necessary to activate the “contactless” function.

Therefore, all you have to do is bring the card to the machine and wait for the confirmation of the transaction to perform the operation.

How to apply for a Nubank credit card?

Before applying for a Nubank credit card, the interested party should check that it meets the requirements required by the bank, namely:

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Live in Brazil;
  • Have a smartphone with Android or iOS operating system.

After checking these criteria, simply request the tool by browsing or applying. See the following step by step:

browser request

  1. Enter the address: “nubank.com.br/cartao” (without quotes) in the search tab of the browser;
  2. Enter your CPF and click Continue;
  3. Enter your full name and email.
  4. Choose if you want just the credit card or one with NuConta;
  5. Check the box to agree to the company’s privacy policy.
  6. Finish by clicking Submit.

application request

  1. Install the app on your Android or iOS phone;
  2. Once on the platform, click “Start”;
  3. Enter your personal details (Name, CPF, Email) and click Continue;
  4. After filling in all the information, click “Accept and Continue” to agree to the company’s privacy policy.

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