Nubank credit pix. See how to use the new digital bank feature

With a new tool Nubankcustomers can use their credit card limit to transact through pix credit We are talking about “Pix no Crédito”, which was released last Thursday (21).

Users will be able to choose to pay Pix in one installment or up to 12 installments. Either way, recipients receive full amounts instantly.

Before the transaction takes place, interested parties can still run a simulation to test the probability of payments. However, according to the fintech, the new feature is being rolled out gradually.

How to use Nubank’s installment pix feature

The operation can be performed in two ways: with the Pix key or with the Pix QR code. Check out both features step by step.

Deal with Pix key

  1. Sign in to the app Nubank;
  2. Click on the “Pix Area” shortcut and then “Transfer”;
  3. Enter the transaction amount;
  4. Enter the Pix key;
  5. Confirm the data about who will receive the transfer.
  6. Go to “Choose how to transfer”, then “Credit card”;
  7. Choose the number of payments you want;
  8. Review transfer details;
  9. Enter your 4 digit password and that’s it.

Transaction with QR code

  1. Access the “Pay” shortcut in your Nubank app;
  2. Once done, select “Pay Pix with QR Code” and soon “Read QR Code”;
  3. Scan the code and confirm the details of who will receive the transfer.
  4. Click “Choose how to pay” and then “Credit Card”;
  5. Select the amount of payments and review the transfer details.
  6. Enter your 4-digit password to complete the operation.

Nubank allows you to pay vouchers by card

users Nubank can pay coupons by credit card right through the app. In addition to this option, it is also possible to pay the invoice amount in installments at a lower interest rate than other financial institutions.

Procedure for paying bills by credit card Nubank It is quite simple. Just open the bank app, click “Pay” and then “Pay boletos”. You can scan the barcode or enter it in the space provided.

Then you need to go to “Choose a payment method”, select the “Credit card” option and select the desired payment amount. The feature revolutionizes payment methods and gives consumers more options.

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