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Nubank releases NEW services in the app

Oh Nubank launched two innovations this week to make life even easier for its customers. According to the fintech, the resources are available for both individual and corporate accounts.

The tools Duplicate Pix: and: Ticket Finder will bring “greater control while managing your accounts in the Nu app in a simpler and more secure way.” The news is gradually provided to the customers of the digital bank.

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Duplicate Pix:

how pix Repeatable, users will be able to create automatic transfers within the app. Initially, payments as well as appointments will be made on a monthly basis. The novelty can be found in the “Payment Assistant” tab for users who have activated Auto Debit in the application.

Ticket Finder

Oh Ticket Finder aims to help the customer Nubank to manage slips issued with your CPF or CNPJ by monitoring your data usage history.

However, even though it has this name, the boleto search feature does not work for traditional monthly household bills, such as those related to home infrastructure (usually issued by the municipality), gas, water, internet and electricity. .

Nubank provides a personal loan with great conditions

Now the customers Nubank can take a pre-approved loan with zero red tape. The offer can be accessed through the application itself, and it is possible to check the value that can be signed.

The contractor has the option of custom rates and immediate payment, allowing you to choose the best time to start payment. Learn more about the service below.

Nubank personal loan

To check if the registration is already in the pre-approved list Nubank, it is enough for the candidate to log into the fintech application. After logging in, check the amount available for rent, then enter the desired amount and how many shares you want to split.

According to the digital bank, everything is automated, the interest rate is calculated immediately at the time of the simulation, as well as the monthly amount to be paid according to the selected payment date, possible up to 90 days after the date. about hiring.

There is no exact date to start repayment, however, the loan must be paid in full within 24 months. After reviewing the conditions presented by the application, the customer will be able to confirm his request. The money will be credited to your account immediately.

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How to apply for a loan in the Nubank application

See how to carry out the loan agreement procedure Nubank Next.

  1. Access fintech application;
  2. Go to “Credit” in the home page shortcuts;
  3. Then click on “Credit Simulation”;
  4. Inform the contractual reason for the loan.
  5. Enter the amount you want to sign and the number of payments for the payment.
  6. Once this is done, check all terms such as interest and total loan amount.

If you want to rent the service after the simulation, click Confirm transaction in the same tab. Remembering that it will be necessary to provide some additional data.

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