Nube offers more than 9 thousand internship vacancies

Applying all the knowledge gained in the classroom is the dream of most students to start a successful career in a well-known company as well. To make this dream a reality, the Internship Center of Brazil (Nube) offers more than 9 thousand internship vacancies throughout Brazil. Opportunities are available for high school, technical and higher education students enrolled in the morning and evening hours.

Currently, the system offers opportunities for students in business administration, architecture and urban planning, performing arts, audio-visual, accounting sciences, economic sciences, foreign trade, communication and marketing, social communication, computing, law, design, computer technology, chemical engineering, physiotherapy. , speech therapy, gastronomy, quality management, commercial management, business management, marketing management, journalism, literature, veterinary medicine, nutrition, dentistry, pedagogy, advertising and publicity, public relations, radio and television, tourism and animal husbandry

In addition, there are opportunities for general and technical high school students in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Chemistry, Geology and Mining, Industrial Instrumentation, Informatics, Aircraft Maintenance, Secretarial Services, Administration, Occupational Safety, Logistics, Computer Networks, Data Processing, Commerce , electrical engineering, roads, environment, multimedia, accounting, etc.

With grants ranging from R$1,100 to R$2,700, depending on the vacancy and field of activity, Nube acts as a partner to well-known companies in the market, allowing those who want to start their careers on the right foot.

how to compete

Those who wish to participate in Nube’s selection processes and compete for the internship vacancies offered should register their CV at www.nube.com.br and access the “Internship Vacancies” tab to check the full list of available opportunities.

It is important to note that positions rotate, so all features are subject to change in quantity without prior notice based on demand and routing.

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