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Nutritionists warn. Sausages are among the worst products, and we eat them in abundance. Do you have any in the fridge?

This product is a great way to have a quick breakfast or a simple dinner. Each of us reaches such a solution from time to time, but in this way we harm ourselves. Check what exactly it is about.

Sausages are popular. Not surprisingly, they are not expensive, and above all, they can be prepared in literally minutes. And while we all know that we shouldn’t eat them, we don’t really realize how bad they can be for our health. We explain why you should avoid the most common sausages and why it is so important to check their ingredients before buying.

Why can’t you eat sausages?

Sausages are prepared from meat and other finely ground raw materials. They form a homogeneous mass. While some sausages may contain real meat, most of these products do has the most MSM, that is, the meat is mechanically separated from the bone. Here’s how you get it meat and fat remain from the bonewhich occur after meat production.

This meat is as follows.

  • worse quality
  • contains fragments of bones and tendons,
  • has up to twice as much fat.

MSM also often has higher amounts of phosphorus, which in turn can be detrimental to people with kidney failure.

What sausages to choose?

Polish standards also do not specify the minimum amount of meat in this product, which is why its main ingredient is often MSM and water fillers. Therefore, it is worth choosing the slightly more expensive ones, in which we will find more meat.

Also place a bet chicken sausagesand no ham. Red meat or ham has been classified as a potential carcinogen. Additionally, it is important that processed meat (ie sausage) is also recognized as such by the WHO.

Also, choose sausages that contain as little fat as possible, and thus saturated fat and cholesterol. Their excess in the diet can lead to atherosclerosis, hypertension and ischemic heart disease.


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