Octagonal now has 100% LED lighting

The investment amounts to 546,000 BRL, resources derived from parliamentary changes by former deputy, now administrator, Reginaldo Sardinia.

The Octagonal is brighter and safer for its residents and also for those passing through the neighborhood. Six hundred and forty-seven LED lamps were installed in the region, replacing conventional sodium vapor lamps. The location next to Sudoeste and Cruzeiro now has 100% of its lighting with new technology. The investment amounts to BRL 546,000, resources derived from the parliamentary changes of former Sudoeste/Octogonal deputy and now administrator Reginaldo Sardinia.

The service was carried out by the employees of CEB Ipes, responsible for the public lighting of DF. The two avenues, about 2 km long, that cross in the neighborhood, now have a bright light. They provide access to residential blocks 1 to 8 and to the commercial area.

Octagonal residents are used to walking the sidewalks across the blocks and walking to local shops. There is a lot of traffic on the sidewalks at night. 33-year-old soldier William Russi, for example, walks his dog there almost every day and has noticed the difference.

“Until then [nova iluminação], it was very dark, especially in the avenue going south-west,” he commented. “It’s important because it brings more security to people. We can better see the approach of some malicious person. It turned out very well.”

Husband and wife Oscar, 59, and Yoko Kundo, 50, both bank workers and residents of Quadra 6, also take short runs along the avenue. The most important thing for them is the safety and energy saving that the new lamps bring.

“We only notice when it’s not there, right?” jokes Yoko. “And now it’s brighter. For those who travel at night, doing physical activity, and for drivers, good lighting is essential.”

According to CEB Ipes, in addition to energy savings of up to 40% for GDF cabinets, LED lamps burn less and add more clarity to the environment.


The Governor reminds that the goal is to spread the new lighting to all the adjacent areas. “Octagonal is a district where people like to enjoy green space and walk. And everyone will be able to do it much more safely,” emphasizes Sardinya. “Now we are also going to extend it to some areas in the southwest that have not yet been effective. Starting with Parque do Bosque, which will now be open late into the night and needs proper lighting.”

With information from Rafael Secuño of Agência Brasília

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