Oculus Quest 2 – promotion for VR glasses (two free games)

If you have considered entering the world of virtual reality and buying VR glasses, Meta has an interesting proposal for you. You can buy much cheaper Oculus Quest 2 glasses there, in addition, in a set with two great games.

MetaQuest 2 these are glasses that have little interest in our country – and that’s a mistake, because we are dealing with really sensible material from Oculus (and therefore from a company that is in possession of Meta).

Now there is an interesting opportunity to own this equipment at a much lower price than normal. A promotion has appeared in the official Meta store, under which we can buy this equipment at a lower price up to 120 EUR (about 560 PLN).

Meta picture

Thus, we will only pay 399.99 euros for the glasses, i.e. around 1870 zlotys. An added incentive is the fact that the set also includes two great games to try virtual reality – this Resident Evil 4 and well known to all VR Beat Saber lovers.

The Oculus Quest 2 glasses are equipped with a screen that presents an image with a resolution of 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye. In addition, the glasses are able to handle the 90Hz refresh rate and we can safely put them on glasses.

We have 128 GB of internal memory at our disposal and the set includes a new generation of touch controllers. It should also be remembered that shipping the equipment is completely free.

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