Offer of the week in Orange – Xiaomi 12 Pro 5G 12/256GB

I usually share with you interesting and attractive promotions for smartphones from our operators, that is, ones that really pay off. Today, a cyclical promotion appeared on the Orange website – Offer of the week with Xiaomi 12 Pro 5G 12/256GB PLN 600 cheaper, which is not really a promotion, to say the least – it is misleading.

The offer of the week from Orange was the source of many interesting events some time ago, which I discussed for you on Antyweb. They coincided with my principle of profitability, so we are talking about the case when the amount of the discount (compared to the price in the store) on the smartphone at the operator in such an action is higher than the difference between the amount of the monthly subscription and the amount of the same offer without obligation, multiplied by 24, i.e. subscription period.

Currently, it is difficult to find such attractive offers, but today I will describe this “promotion” as a warning to beware of noisy and significant discounts, especially now in this period.

Offer of the week in Orange – Xiaomi 12 Pro 5G 12/256GB

In the current promotion, Orange has made the Xiaomi 12 Pro 5G 12/256GB available at a lower price of PLN 612, available when choosing a subscription for PLN 65 per month (unlimited calls to mobile and landline, unlimited SMS/MMS messages and 140 GB of data transfer in the first year , 70 GB in the second).

A comparable no-obligation offer in Orange is either nju mobile for PLN 39 (complete without limit for calls and messages and 40 GB to start, 80 GB after six months, 100 GB after one year and 120 GB after two years) or a pre-paid offer in Orange in a package for PLN 39 (monthly data transfer limit of 60 GB with accumulation of unused transfer in subsequent months). Which of these offers you don’t choose here, the difference will be PLN 624.

So it would be a tempting offer if it weren’t for one hitch. Let’s calculate what it will realistically look like in the final costs of this device. At the beginning you will pay PLN 0 for this smartphone, but later in 36 installments of PLN 143 each, which gives us a total of PLN 5,148.00 for the device itself.

Well, let’s go to the store now, not to Allegro or Media Expert, EURO or others, where there are often significant discounts, but to the manufacturer. PLN 5,199.00 – PLN 50 more expensive than in Orange, but you also get headphones as a gift worth almost PLN 500.

I don’t know with what price Orange decided to be cheaper by more than PLN 600, but out of curiosity I looked at T-Mobile and there, without any noisy promotion, the same model costs PLN 4,899.00 (24 installments) – also in subscription for PLN 65, with unlimited mobile internet (only speed limited to 30 Mb/s).

One of the readers of the Orange blog, where this week’s event was announced, commented very well on this event:

The PLN 612 discount applies to customers who sign a new or extend an existing contract for Orange Love Standard or Plan M. The PLN 430 discount applies to Orange Love Extra and Premium packages and the L plan. You can pay in favorable installments for the smartphone. Also check out the discount on the non-subscription option.

Of course, I also see it in another promotion – three months of subscription in Orange is free (only when buying online, does not include showrooms), but even PLN 195 for it does not come close to this great discount – over PLN 600 for the smartphone itself. In any case, without a subscription, Orange also surprises with the “sale” price of this smartphone – PLN 5,599.08:

So be careful – watch the promotions with a calculator in hand and don’t believe the huge discounts that can actually and eventually turn out to be an increase.

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