Office renamed to Microsoft 365

Office is changing its name. Starting today, all programs included in it will be under the Microsoft 365 flag.

How long have you known Office from Microsoft? If you have at least a small relationship with computers, then Americans must at least associate all office software, and for a good few or even ten years. Unfortunately, all that is good comes to an end and that’s no different with Microsoft Office. Well, at least with the name itself, because the programs in it aren’t going anywhere.

After 32 years, we say goodbye to the legendary brand. Indeed, the Redmond company renamed Microsoft Office to Microsoft 365. The first version of the package, which combined several office programs, was released for the first time. in 1990. A lot of time has passed, so it’s no surprise that some people can say goodbye to a part of their youth with fondness.

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The Microsoft 365 brand itself has been around for a while. In 2017, Americans integrated office suite programs into Office 365, and in 2020 the name was renamed to Microsoft 365.

Can Microsoft 365 users expect any changes?

Microsoft has published information about this on its website. The company claims that:

Over the past few years, Microsoft 365 has become our flagship productivity suite, so we’re creating the experience that will help you get the most out of Microsoft 365. In the coming months,, the Office mobile app and Office app for Windows will become Microsoft’s 365 apps with a new icon, a new look and even more features.

The company also adds that we don’t have to worry about negative changes. On the site, we can read that:

There will be no impact to your existing account, profile, subscription or files. The app will automatically update with a new icon and name, so keep an eye out for those changes in November and beyond.

It turns out that this is a purely cosmetic change that will allow you to maintain a little more order in the services offered by the American company. Only our feeling towards the old brand can rebel against the changes to come.

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