Oil trail on Schumachering and Schörlemmer Strasse

There are currently (Friday, July 29 at 1:55 p.m.) traffic jams at Ahaus at Schumachering and Schörlemmer. A wide spread of oil on the street should be spread by firemen.

The width of the oil trail is clearly visible on Schumachering (near the Pietsch company). It is closed on one side, there may be short traffic jams. © Stefan Grothues

On Friday, the fire brigade was called to Schorlemmerstrasse and Schumachering. there was a wide oil trail across the road.

Firefighters responded with several vehicles. The fuel trail is sprayed with binders. In the area where firefighters are working, sometimes one lane will be closed to traffic. Minor blockages may occur.

The oil trail runs through Schumachering and Schörlemmer streets. Firefighters connect the fuel, there are delays. © Stefan Grothues

We’ll keep you posted.

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