Olinda (PE) opens registration for the selection process. 230 teacher vacancies

THE: Municipality of Olinda in the state Pernambuco registration is open for the selection process for teacher recruitment higher complete.

Opportunities are available for multiple industries and disciplines who wish to work in the industry education of the municipality.

The bank is responsible for the event IBDO InstituteπŸ‡§πŸ‡·

Salaries vary BRL 2900.60 BRL It BRL 3,867.47 monthly.

Vacancies and Salaries Olinda – PE

In general, the Municipality of Olinda – PE offers 230 vacancies for immediate hiring, in addition to the formation of the reserve register vacancies;

Check the availability of vacancies according to the position below.

Full top level

  • Early childhood and primary education teacher – early years – 179 vacancies;
  • Braillista Teacher – Top Level – 3 Vacancies;
  • LIBRAS Translator Teacher – Senior Level – 3 Vacancies;
  • Art teacher – 3 vacancies;
  • Science teacher – 5 vacancies;
  • Physical education teacher – 5 vacancies;
  • Professor of Geography – 4 vacancies;
  • History of the professor – 4 vacancies;
  • Foreign language teacher (English) – 4 vacancies;
  • Portuguese language teacher – 7 vacancies;
  • Mathematics teacher – 9 vacancies;
  • Music Teacher (Popular/Erudit Singing) – 1 vacancy;
  • Music teacher (popular guitar/Viola Nordestina) – 1 vacancy;
  • Music teacher (popular piano/keyboard) – 1 vacancy;
  • Teacher II- Music (Popular Percussion/Percussion) – 1 Vacancy;
  • Music teacher (violin) – CR;
  • Music teacher (cello) – CR;
  • Music teacher (acoustic bass) – CR;
  • Music Teacher (Oboe) – CR;
  • Music teacher (Bassoon) – CR.

Salaries offered by the municipality of Piracicaba vary BRL 2900.60 BRL It BRL 3,867.47 depending on the position working day, which varies from 150 to 200 hours per month.

To run for one of the vacant positions in the Olinda Municipality election process, PE, you need to be over 18 years old, be Brazilian, be up-to-date with electoral justice, have a regulated CPF and have. minimum education required for the position;

Register Olinda – PE

Those who wish to participate in the Olinda – PE selection process of the Municipality until January 31, 2023 to register for the contest.

The registration fee is R$130.00.

The registration form should be filled directly on the IBDO website.

Official Professor Olinda – P.E

  • Teaching classes during school days and at statutory times, in addition to fully participating in planning, extracurricular activities formulation, assessment and professional development periods;
  • Develop classroom activities in order to master knowledge by the student.
  • Develop assessment tools, pedagogical activities to ensure student learning;
  • Ensure student learning;
  • Identify recovery strategies for low-income students. Create a teaching and learning process, always maintaining respect for the student.

Selection rounds Olinda – PE

The election process of Olinda – PE municipality will have the following stages.

  • objective test for all posts of elimination and classification nature.
  • proof of degrees nature of classification.
  • practice test in the nature of elimination and qualification.

The application of the objective test is planned for 19.03.2023.

Click here to read the announcement and view all the program content and schedule of the selection process for the municipality of Olinda, Pernambuco.

See what success is on the Internet.

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