OLX is sponsoring a film that talks about disconnection and conscious consumption

The brand will market the character of Rita, played by Gloria Pires, to its online platform

OLX is the sponsor of Desapega, a film about conscious consumption and generating additional income through used and semi-new items. The comedy starring Gloria Pires is set to premiere this Thursday (9).

In the plot, the actress plays Rita, who controls her shopping impulse by leading a support group for compulsive shoppers and releasing her items from the market to be carried over to real life.


Rita’s off-screen bazaar will be brought to life by the OLX project, where pieces worn by the film’s cast will be sold on the site, with all proceeds going to Retiro dos Artistas.

“Art is one of the ways to bring knowledge to the population, and investing in this project with such synergy with OLX’s values ​​gives us the opportunity to tell people that it is possible to use more consciously when buying second-hand goods. . In addition, through the squad, it is possible to earn additional income by selling items at home. So all parties win, good for those who are selling and good for those who are buying,” said Gabriela Zaninetti, vice president of marketing at OLX Brasil.

To enhance the promotion, created by Quintal in partnership with Product Placement House (PPHouse) OLX, the campaign will also feature digital influencers who will donate personal items to the online store and a digital booth that will publicize the market at various locations. social media profiles.

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