Omo is re-positioning and bringing a new look to the brand

In the volume, the brand invites consumers to live new experiences and adventures

OMO has relaunched the ‘It’s OK to Get Dirty’ positioning that has been used in several of the brand’s campaigns over the years, but in a more modern way that speaks to new generations.

In the campaign, which is already being broadcast on television, the brand seeks to encourage people to leave their comfort zone to go out and live new experiences.


“We believe ‘it’s okay to get dirty’ because it’s synonymous with living life bolder and challenging yourself. You don’t have to be afraid of getting dirty because we take care of the mess and you’re left with the stories. Our goal with this rescue is to speak to a new audience and inspire people to enjoy life to the fullest and proudly display the blemishes and dirt that have marked their stories and achievements,” said Vinicius Menezes, Senior Marketing Manager, OMO.

In addition, the brand has also created a series of content for social networks with influencers that invite users to reflect on what is really important in life and what they want to take with them in 2023.

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