On the iPhone 14 Pro for PLN 6,000, the screen broke again

iPhone 14 Pro smartphone users are plagued by another bug that spoils phone displays. Yellow and green lines appear on the screen and the smartphone cannot be used normally.

iPhone 14 pro already had a history of serious glitches affecting users shortly after the device’s premiere. It was a shaky camera – luckily the manufacturer quickly fixed an annoying error:

Apple iPhone 14 Pro (smartphone at a cosmic price) with an unusual flaw: the camera … went crazy!

iPhone 14 Pro with a different bug

Unfortunately, it turns out that this is not the end of the glitches. For the past few days, users are encountering quite a lot display problems smart phone.

iPhone 14 Pro owners complain that yellow and green lines appear on the screen, and the display disappears. Happy these distractions after a few seconds they disappear, but after all it’s easy to guess how such a bug can effectively hamper the use of a smartphone.

Photo: Reddit / u/1LastOutlaw

Owners of broken iPhones who have already contacted Apple service add that, according to the manufacturer, the problem is not in the hardware, but in the software – it appeared for users only after updating to the version iOS16.2.

This is very good news for users of broken smartphones – it means that the corresponding update should fix the error. The smartphone does not have to be replaced.

It’s worth noting that an update is on the way iOS16.3 – this should not be available to users until 2023. However, most likely Apple will decide to roll out a fix to fix the screen issue sooner – we reckon it will take the manufacturer a few days.

Let it be, because the manufacturer has done enough with this model.

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