One of the creators of the STALKER game died at the front

For more than 300 days, Ukraine has bravely defended itself against the Russian occupation. Every day, as part of the offensive of the armed forces of Ukraine, heroes who decided to defend their homeland die in many regions.

The gaming industry and the war in Ukraine

Many video game production companies have been established in Ukraine. The most famous are Frogwares, creators of many adventure games, Vostok Games, responsible for the free FPS Survarium, or 4A Games, which released the Metro trilogy to the world. The last two studios share a common history – both were created on the initiative of people who worked at GSC Game World – one of the studios founded in Ukraine in 1990. It was the company founded by Serhiy Kostiantynovich Hrykhorovich that gave the world Cossacks and the STALKER series.

Unfortunately, the plans of all research had to change after the attack of Russian troops on the territory belonging to Ukraine. The game authors were forced to stop work on the games. Some people were looking for shelter and an opportunity to continue working on titles outside the country, others decided to stay and fight. Jone such person was Volodymyr Ezhov, working for GSC GameWorld.

On December 22 at 18:25 in the personal profile of Volodymyr’s brother, Vyacheslav Ezhov, information appeared that an employee of the Ukrainian studio had died at the front near the city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region.

The death of the creator of the STALKER series

Grief cannot be fully understood until it affects you or your loved ones personally. He seems to be somewhere far away, until suddenly he comes to your house and changes your world irrevocably.

Today, defending Ukraine, my dear brother Volodymyr Ezhov, a father of two children, a faithful friend with a sincere heart, died. He mentioned that in the battle that the Ukrainian nation is now fighting, the happy future of our children is being born. I hope you are in a better place bro.
The entry of Vyacheslav Ezhov in the Facebook profile.

In the photo: Vladimir Ezhov. Source: Nexta

Vladimir Ezhov joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the first day of the war, February 24, 2022. At GSC Game World, he was a video game designer. The face of Loki, one of the characters in STALKER: Call of Pripyat, a member of the “Freedom” faction, is based on the image of Yezhov. Setting aside the group’s goals in the match and looking at its name, we’d like to say that there are no coincidences, only signs…

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