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One of the most anticipated movies of the year, Netflix’s new movie is a nostalgic trip back to childhood

Children have incredible imaginations, and Matilda (Alisha Weir), in the remake of Roald Dahl’s story, is no different than any other child. But it is truly special. Above average intelligence, Matilda uses her imagination, wit and mischief to escape the harsh reality of domestic violence and bullying. From start to finish, director Matthew Warchus’ Matilda: The Musical is filled with songs that almost always depict the world from a child’s point of view, using puns and tongue twisters intelligently and creatively. , as if they were a joke. Although Matilda is the main character, she is not the only active voice in the film. Several secondary characters appear to give their childhood perspective and tell us more about themselves, their dreams and fears.

If Matilda lived in the world beyond the screen, it would be said that she has a challenging personality. Unlike the other kids in her school, she doesn’t want to accept the status quo and will promote a real revolution to destroy the power of the main Trunchbull (Emma Thompson), a former Olympic hammer throw winner, tough and unpleasant and who hates children. Her appearance is that of a huge, broad woman with a beard on a square chin and a fierce smile. Thompson is almost unrecognizable in this role. Bullying happens at Matilda’s school, and the one who does it is the principal herself, who constantly watches the students through security cameras like in a prison, calling them pests and punishing them in the most violent and grotesque ways possible. It doesn’t take long for the girl to be the first among the students to say no to Trunchbull.

There’s also Miss Honey (Lashana Lynch), a sweet, protective teacher who quickly recognizes Matilda’s potential. When he’s alone in his classroom with his students, Tat Radcliffe’s photo glows, taking on a lighter, more colorful tone. At other times in the school, the photo is dark, cold and dangerous. Matilda is almost like Harry Potter, but instead of living under the stairs, she lives in an attic and is scorned by her parents, played by actors Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough, who at the time of her birth refused to believe that they were her. She is going to have a baby.

During the course of the film, Matilda has a story and tells it to Miss Phelps (Sindu Ve) – a sort of traveling bookshop owner, acrobat and escapologist who fall in love and dream of having a son or sons. Daughter. Each year, when their wish does not come true, they present more and more difficult challenges in the circus arenas. Until, much later, they announce that they will undertake the world’s most dangerous challenge, which involves the escapologist unlocking the chain that binds him around his body and breaking out of his cage to save his lover, who is wearing it. A dynamite helmet while jumping into a pool full of sharks and bugs. But the artist couple discovers that they are finally expecting a daughter and try to quit the presentation, but are bound by the contract. They rise to the challenge. The acrobat gives birth to a girl, but even so, things do not end well in the story created by Matilda.

In addition to his bravery and fertile mind, he still discovers that he has telekinetic powers, and only with these skills will he be able to defeat the evil of Trunchbull. The film makes it clear that ordinary children, without Matilda’s superpowers, end up being subjected to the most unwarranted abuse and punishment from adults, in a world that undoubtedly hates them, without any defense or subversion. Perhaps Matilda’s own superpower is fantasy, an escape from her harsh reality. The feature film abuses color palettes and uses toys like Matilda’s House. Professor Han’s house is a simple fairy-tale cottage in the middle of the woods, and the school looks like a castle, with peeling paint, mold, poor lighting, and a muddy yard.

Matilda: The Musical is a beautiful latest adaptation of the famous story, a film full of on-screen talent that fills the eyes with beautiful performances, well-crafted aesthetics and offers two hours of pure entertainment, lots of adventure, music. And fun, fun.

movie: Matilda: The Musical
Direction: Matthew Warchus
Year: 2022 year
genre: Musical/Comedy/Drama
Note: 8/10

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