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One on the harpsichord, the other on the horseshoe. Moro names in Dino’s PF

Photo: TV PT via YouTube

At the same time that he received Odebrecht’s former lawyer at the National Secretariat of Justice, Flavio Dino was appointed to the General Directorates of the Federal Police, part of Sergio Moro’s team at the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

Ricardo Saadi will be Director of Investigations and Organized Crime, the crown jewel of the PF, while Rodrigo Morais will take on the coveted Directorate of Intelligence.

Saadi was the PF inspector in Rio. was noted for increasing the team’s productivity and eventually became a target of Jair Bolsonaro, who began to pressure Moreau to sack him.🇧🇷 The minister of that time resisted and eventually resigned.

Morales on the other hand. was responsible for two investigations into the circumstances surrounding the stabbing of Adelio Bispo; concluding with the single action of the aggressor. He even investigated a possible connection between Adelio and the PCC, but there was no progress.

Under the current government, Bolsonaro even invited a delegate to Brazil to make a presentation on the investigations. Even without evidence, the president continued to feed the thesis that there is a mastermind.

Both Saadi and Morais are respected in the PF for their competence and seriousness. By doing the right thing, Dino risks the end of his mandate.

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