OnePlus is not the same as other manufacturers

Smartphone manufacturers will definitely not consider 2022 a success. This year should change that situation, but most brands will have to wait for a significant improvement. However, there are exceptions – sales of OnePlus smartphones are soaring.

Smartphone shipments are falling

Last week, we informed you that smartphone shipments have declined significantly over the past year. According to IDC, 1.2055 billion smartphones were shipped to the market in 2022, down 11.3% from 2021. The decline in shipments does not translate 1:1 to reduced device sales, but it is closely related. This state is mainly due to the crisis and rising inflation in almost the whole world. Due to the increase in prices of basic products, customers are much less likely to decide to buy a new smartphone.

source: IDC

Analysts of this market segment recently expected a revival of the smartphone market at the end of 2023. However, they quickly changed their mind – instead of the expected increase of 2.8% in shipments, they now expect a decrease of 1.1% compared to 2022, to 1.19 billion units (for the whole of 2023).

A significant increase in shipments, amounting to approximately 5.9%, will not happen until 2024. It is worth noting that, according to forecasts, 62% of smartphones shipped in 2023 will support the 5G network, but this is expected technology is rapidly gaining popularity and in 2027 this percentage will increase to as much as 83%.

OnePlus with gigantic sales growth

As you can see, recent times have not been the easiest for smartphone manufacturers. However, one of them can boast of a great sales result. We are talking about the Chinese brand OnePlus. Brand president Li Jie announced that in 2023, OnePlus will achieve growth contrary to the global market trend. Moreover, these are not just any values ​​- this year, the manufacturer’s smartphone sales are expected to increase by as much as 260% compared to 2022!

OnePlus 11 (tablet photo)

Li Jie attributes this success to the company’s new strategy and the launch of three new products: OnePlus 11, OnePlus Ace 2 and OnePlus Ace 2V. According to the president of the brand, these are products that are praised by customers for their durability and affordable price. The manufacturer also claims that its devices have gained significant popularity among consumers in the $300 to $700 price range.

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