Online stalking statistics in Brazil are inaccurate, Public Safety Forum saysEntertainment 

Online stalking statistics in Brazil are inaccurate, Public Safety Forum says

Three cases of stalking are reported every hour in the country; in 2021 alone, there were almost 30 thousand

The penalty for virtual stalking ranges from six months to two years in prison, up to three years.

three cases of PERSECUTIONS are announced hourly in Brazil. In 2021 alone, the country recorded almost 30,000 cases of this age-old crime, but it was only recently typified. It was the first time Yearbook of Public Security of Brazil determined the incidence of the violation. Since the legislation is new, Brazilian Public Safety Forum requires caution in analyzing the data, as not all states take complaints into account. Stalking is an English word that means stalking a person in the virtual or real world, online or in person. Anyone can be a perpetrator of crime, just as anyone can be a victim. Despite this, women are more frequent targets of the action. The punishment for virtual stalking ranges from six months to two years in prison and can reach three years if there are aggravating factors, when the offense is committed against women, children, teenagers and the elderly.

The holder of Women’s Protection Department (DDM) of Vila Clementino, delegate Jaqueline Valadares, asks victims to seek the police at the first symptoms of crime. “We have reports of stalkers placing a hidden GPS in the victim’s car, so it is necessary for the victim to pay attention and understand at what point that behavior stops being just a curiosity and becomes a real obsessive pursuit, and that it requires us to record the occurrence and in order to take measures, precautions aimed at stopping and stopping the worsening of this cycle. It is very important that at the first sign the victim goes to the police station to record the facts and take the corresponding initial measures”, explains Valadares.

The delegate confirms the higher risk scenario for women. “Because our society is still very sexist, very patriarchal, unfortunately stalking ends up reflecting that in our everyday lives. Many men do not accept that the victim does not accept a relationship, they do not accept the end of a relationship, so they start to persecute the victim, it is very important that the stalking, this behavior, stops immediately, because it is one of the crimes that can become part of a cycle of violence that tends to worsen and often culminates in a murder, a femicide, depending on the specific circumstances”, says the delegate.

Constant attempts at contact and fear of persecution in the places he usually frequents can lead the victim to some disorders. Doctor and psychologist Robertos Debski reinforces the importance of seeking help to deal with possible emotional consequences. “Anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress, even causing another problem like depression, the person feels threatened. And there may indeed be threats to safety, to life. Depending on the person’s predisposition, this will leave a bigger or smaller trail of problems. If the person really feels that this problem causes another consequence, he should seek psychological help, often go through psychotherapy, in order to feel good and protected again. Of course, this is after legal measures have been taken”, he says.

The doctor reminds you that the stalker can also be a sick person. “When you believe that the other must obey, you must correspond, you are a person who has no idea what a healthy relationship is, maybe you had problems in childhood. Of course, each person should be evaluated individually, but this comes from somewhere, from some origin, from some trauma that they may have had. Of course, reinforcing this, this does not exempt her from being legally and legally accountable for her attitude. But he is also sick and needs to be treated”, he defends.

*With information from reporter Nanny Cox

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