Only handles emergency calls on Android

Conventional calls by mobile phone They have surpassed SMS over time, which now take up very little space thanks to messaging apps. With different fixed prices, everyone can do one and as many as they want thanks to different offers.

Finding a specific error in the terminal sometimes involves tweaking your smartphone’s settings, and sometimes you even need to go to the Internet to find a solution. Sometimes because of our nose we will find a quick solutionwhich can only be by rebooting the mobile device.

In this case we give the solution when “Emergency calls only” appears., this happens at least once in a while and is due to a very specific error. In this state you won’t be able to make or receive any calls unless it’s fixed, the next step is to talk to the carrier if it’s their problem and not yours.

How to block all calls on Android

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How to block all calls on Android

Solving problems

emergency calls

There is always a solution to the problem, is what we do when someone comes to mind on our device, either from a specific app or from the device itself. The mobile phone sometimes gets saturated, as a result of which we have to restart it, and it works again as before.

If the smartphone does not read the SIM card, it would be ideal to remove it and insert it, if it reads it again, sometimes its saturation causes it to remain in thinking mode. This sometimes causes the line to display the message “Emergency calls only”.so it tries to do the previous step (uninstall and reinstall).

It will show you a notification at the top “Emergency calls only”, which can be avoided if you try to do many steps, which are a few today if we want to solve it. The carrier can help you in this situation by always looking for a second phone and calling your company.

SIM card incorrectly installed

extract sim

It’s almost a given that the SIM card usually doesn’t cause too many problemsAlthough it is true that over time it produces a little dirt, despite the fact that the slot is closed. Although it won’t move, removing the card and putting it back in usually fixes this fatal error in most cases.

Removing a SIM from a cell phone starts with having a needle, it will press and move the tray where the cards go, there may be one or two including the SD card. Try to clean the slot with a small swab when you remove the card and put everything back exactly as you took it out.

Clean the SIM card using an ear stick or a smooth cloth, do this carefully until you see that it is not being read again. Things tend to wear out over time, this happens with the card too, it tries to clear the port it goes to and ends up seeing if it recognizes it now.

coverage issue

Android mobile cover

It is most likely not your problem with the coverage from the site you are on, this has an easy solution which is nothing but calling the carrier. Sometimes it will be enough to change the location, try to activate the airplane mode and return to the normal mobile network by performing a specific search by the mobile operator.

Since there is no signal, the SIM card usually removes this message, if you see it persisting, move around the house and even try going outside. Depending on the site, you will find that you have multiple layers, sometimes one, sometimes noneThat’s why this signal problem ends up so low that it throws an error and shows “Emergency calls only”.

Talk to the operator, through him he can force you to change a few details, you even need to follow some guidelines to be able to restore the mobile network. This usually works, if you see that the card is the problem, you should duplicate it by replacing it completely with a fixed price.

Defective SIM card

It used to be that the SIM could get damaged over time, thus having to change it, this will be in the official store. It doesn’t take long to back up, sometimes no more than a few hours, while in some cases you have to wait a set 24 hours.

Always go to an official outlet, if you are from Orange, look for the nearest trusted store, there is always at least one or two stores, malls always have at least two or three stores. If it was a different carrier, find this with a Google search and go to a specific location before you have a chance to call to see if they are backing up or not.

Check the SIM card, if it has a lot of scratches, it should be changed On the other hand, it is immediately recommended that it be reviewed by the institution. If you see that it does not work in another terminal, it is likely that it needs to be replaced immediately, it is recommended to enter the card and insert a new one to start working.

Check the network settings

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Sometimes the error is in the network settings, here is the operator who should give you the necessary data if you want to reconfigure it with another parameter. It often happens to be misconfigured, so this section needs to be configured, one of the most important at the end of the day.

Entering network settings on Android is simpleyou must do the following:

  • Go to Settings on your mobile device
  • Access the “Mobile Networks” menu, it can also be called differently
  • Click “SIM Management”, the data and information should be automatedso it will search for the default network if you click on it you can configure this setting enter the data that the operator gave you and that’s it

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