Onyx Boox Tab Ultra is a tablet with an E Ink screen and a camera

Onyx brings another device from the Boox series to the market – this time it is not an e-book reader, but a tablet with an E Ink display. Above all, it is a truly versatile device, ideal for comprehensive document management.

The Onyx brand is recognizable primarily by its hugely popular series of e-book readers – but there’s no denying that its latest addition, the Boox Tab Ultra tablet, looks really interesting.

E Ink tablet with good screen refresh

The tablet is equipped with an E Ink screen with a diagonal of 10.3″. Although matrices of this type are characterized by a very low screen refresh rate, the manufacturer assured that it has done a lot to reduce this drawback to an acceptable level.

We’re primarily talking about using an 8-core mobile system from Qualcomm here, as well as tweaking the integrated GPU specifically to achieve better screen refresh rates.

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What sets this tablet apart is the presence of a camera with a resolution of 16 MPwhich is located on the back of the case. Of course, it will not be used to take standard photos.

The camera is a great thing to scan

In return, however, we gain a very versatile tool for photographing and scanning documents and then storing them in the device’s internal memory.

Additionally, Onyx Boox Tab Ultra lets you use Wacom’s EMR technology, which means advanced screen operation using a stylus. Thus, writing, drawing and sketching become an opening.

On board the tablet we will find 4 GB of RAM, while the data will be stored in the internal memory with a capacity of 128 GB. If necessary, we can also count on a microSD card reader, increasing the space for the files.

Everything works under the control of Android 11 – it may not be the latest operating system from Google, but for the purposes of such equipment it should certainly be sufficient.

picture of Onix

The tablet will not be among the cheapest – its price is 599.99 or approximately 2,850 PLN excluding VAT. However, it is specialized equipment that will be absolutely invaluable for people who spend a lot of time handling documents or reading.

Two readers in a new version

With the launch of the Boox Tab Ultra tablet, Onyx decided to update several popular e-book readers.

So it comes to market the second generation of the Nova Air model – the equipment will be equipped with an E Ink screen with a diagonal of 7.8″, as well as 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of space for electronic books. In addition, we can count on the support of the Onyx Pen Plus stylus. We will pay $399.99 for this model, which is approximately 1,900 PLN excluding taxes.

picture of Onix

The second equipment of first is Onyx Boox Leaf 2. The much cheaper model has improved page-turning buttons, and content is displayed on a 7″ screen.

In addition, we have 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of data space and a microSD card reader. Price? It’s $199.99, or about 950 PLN net.

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