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Onyx denies Leyte’s handshake after the debate

Photo: Matheus Bruxel/GZH

Onyx Lorenzoni (PL) refused to shake the hand of Eduardo Leyte (PSDB) at the end of the debate in the second round of the Rio Grande do Sul gubernatorial election, this Friday (14) on Rádio Gaúcha.

The two candidates traded barbs during the clash, especially after the former governor of Tucano questioned the Bolsonaro ex-minister over a homophobic attack he made in midweek.

In a radio ad broadcast on Thursday (13), Onyx said the Gauchos would have “The real governor and first lady.” Milk is gay.

The Bolsonarian blamed the toucan “sacrifice” and claimed to have used the phrase because “Truth is an absolute value”.

At the end of the debate, Onyx simply tapped Leith on the shoulder and turned his back on his opponent, who remained with his arm outstretched (photo).

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