Open competition for diplomats. Salary: BRL 19 thousand. How to apply?

Have you ever thought about being a representative of Brazil abroad? The competition for diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is open. There are 30 vacancies with a starting salary of almost R$ 20 thousand.

A diplomatic career is an opportunity to be the voice of our country in other nations and international organizations.

The charter for the competition was released this week with federal competition approval.

How will it be?

The competition has three stages. The first one with an objective test, the second stage with a discursive assessment of Portuguese and English languages, the last one with a specific and also a written test.

All are exterminators. Applicants generally prepare at least a year in advance, so competition will be fierce.

According to the material published in the Federal Official Gazette (DOU), the competition will offer 30 vacancies for the post of third secretary in the diplomatic career.


The requirement is a complete higher education, knowledge of Portuguese, English and preferably a third language.

The test will be carried out by the Rio Branco Institute, which is responsible for training diplomats based in Brazil, to apply the test for a period of two months after the publication of a notice containing more detailed information.

Once approved, candidates will be able to undergo a training course lasting 15 months, receiving an initial salary of more than R$19,000 and a number of benefits such as housing assistance.

famous diplomats

Itamaraty has a tradition of serving the public interest.

Famous diplomats include José María da Silva Paraños, Baron of Rio Branco, patron of Brazilian diplomacy, Rui Barbosa, known for his thoughtful and balanced decisions, and José Bonifacio de Andrada de Silva, Brazil’s first chancellor.

Diplomats represent the Brazilian government in meetings, congresses of parliamentarians, business meetings, technical seminars, conferences of non-governmental organizations, which clearly indicates that international issues are of increasing interest to a larger number of representatives of society.

The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is Mauro Vieira, but President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva also has an international advisor, former Chancellor Celso Amorim, who has been appointed Special Advisor to the President of the Republic.

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The exams

The order published in the Federal Official Gazette states that the Diplomatic Competition will have three elimination rounds for the selection of specialists.

In stage 1, candidates must score an objective test with questions on Portuguese, geography, Brazilian history and world history.

In addition, the test will have questions that will test knowledge in the fields of international politics, English, economics and law.

Phase 2 will be the time for written tests with elimination and classification questions in English and Portuguese.

Finally, in the 3rd round, the candidates will take a written test again. With questions targeting topics such as Brazilian history, international politics, geography, economics, law, Spanish and French.

After scoring positive marks in each of the rounds, the selected candidates will be invited to work in Itamarathi.

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The diplomatic competition will be the first competition of the Lula government. – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to the official bulletin of the Union and the information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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