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Opened the season at Jones as Ngannou, Hunt Blast Champ.

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Season opener for newly crowned heavyweight champion Jon Jones. As boxers including Jon Jones and Mark Hunt battle it out on “Bones,” meanwhile, Darren Till is looking for big bucks to consider trying out that BKFC ring and more in this edition of Sunday MMA Quick Hits. !

Ngannou said Jon Jones, not “that guy”, would fight him. “twice a month”

Following his return to UFC 285, which saw “Bones” claim the vacant UFC heavyweight title, Jon Jones declared former champion Francis Ngannou to be “generous” speaking to media outlets including Cageside Press.

Now Ngannou, the man who gave up the position Jones held, had responded.

“We know Jon. Jones from his play I think Jon is being dramatic,” Nongnu told ESPN recently. “How long has he been out? Three years and what? and i called him [out]. I remember even after I fought Stype. [Miocic]Dana [White, UFC President] Said that if he watched that fight He should come down to 185, but I’m not that serious. There isn’t a fight in the world that I give up on. I don’t care. I go there and anything can happen. It’s a sport, and of course Jon. Jones is not that person. He might be the best fighter. But he’s not the one I’m running from. No, not him. I’m going to fight Jon. Jones twice a month.”

All “Fear X Fighters” have become a boring narrative in combat sports. And most of it is an excuse used by supporters and fighters to explain why they can’t fight. This usually ends with money or other promises.

Darren Till will need big money to face Mike Perry in BKFC.

Darren Till has recently requested and received his UFC release and has now spoken about his chances of facing “Platinum” Mike Perry in bare knee boxing BKFC.

Till from England challenged Tyron Woodley for the UFC Welterweight Championship. And later moving to middleweight, spoke to MMA Junkie last week and expressed surprise at the different types of offers. coming towards him

“Like boxing and BKFC and some others. (It’s optional) if the money is right – and the offer I got was a little crazy,” Till told MMA Junkie. “I didn’t know an offer like that existed. I’m sure I can get in there, and then Mike Perry gets up. Because we have to fight make some money Physically strong, will the UFC like it? Going back to the UFC, that’s still my main focus.”

However, it took a lot of money to lure Till to BKFC.

“They’re coming towards me. But if they’re coming to me Don’t waste my time,” said Till, “offer me something about astronomy. otherwise no I don’t need it.”

Mark Hunt slams new UFC champion Jon Jones

Former UFC heavyweight challenger Mark Hunt spoke about the arrival of Jon Jones in his old division.

“The World Class UFC Women’s and Gentleman Heavyweight Champion has found a cheating steroid rat that runs into pregnant women and runs away. Mice hiding under the octagon for 10 hours to hide from drug testing This is your UFC Heavyweight Champion. This is the rat you’ve been looking for. These are the mice we promote. Please stand up and raise your glass to a company that has no credibility,” Hunt wrote on social media after Jones defeated Ciryl Gane at UFC 285.

“A worthless champion belt and more worthless than a fraud company. Any other sport this loser would not be here. That’s why the UFC has no credibility. Because they promote this waste.”

Head Kick KO Alert

LFA 154 landed on Friday night in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and exceeded national expectations by a mile. However, on a night full of headkick finishes, this KO by Kaue Fernandes steal the show

Painful Kick KO Alert

This is extremely painful to watch. For those wondering why the MVP received a KO and not a technical knockout for his leg kick on Goiti Yamauchi at Bellator 292, it’s because the kick prevented the Brazilian from going further. without the need for referee intervention

MMA is a cruel mistress.

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