Ornamental cabbage instead of chrysanthemums in a grave bundle? Look at the beautiful cabbage that is not only an autumn and winter decoration of the garden

Ornamental cabbage is the only variety of cabbage that is grown for decoration. Its unique colors are appreciated by garden owners. It has also been working well in tombstones for some time. Some people do not like it, because it is a vegetable and not a flower, but among florists this plant is considered an alternative to chrysanthemums. Check the aesthetic qualities of ornamental cabbage.


The main advantage of decorative cabbage is its leaves. Their color can be very different, from white to pink, all the way to green and purple. Their curly, highly decorative shape is also eye-catching. Its additional advantage is that it shows its full charm precisely in autumn. It also adorns the garden during mild winters. We present decorative cabbage.

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It grows under natural conditions in southern Europe and Asia. It is 25 to 50 cm tall. She loves the sun, but she doesn’t mind the shade either. However, it can then have less colorful leaves. It thrives best in places protected from the wind on moderately fertile and moist soil. Its seeds must be sown for cold inspection or on the flower bed in the period from March to May. You can also (if possible) buy ready-made seedlings and plant them in the ground in May. This easy-to-grow plant has annual and biennial varieties that need to be covered with frost.

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