Other cities lack teachers, Werne does not: the county government gives the reason

Christoph Söbbeler, press spokesman for the Arnsberg county government, explains why, according to statistics, there is no shortage of teachers in Werne. © Montage County Government /dpa

According to statistics from the Arnsberg county government, there are many internship vacancies in other cities. According to the spokesperson, there may be a special reason why this does not happen in Werne.

In North Rhine-Westphalia there are almost 4,400 too few teachers. This is more than a thousand more than five years ago. This is the result of the figures of the Ministry of Education of NRW. There are almost three dozen vacancies in Lünen and more than 100 in Dortmund. The school authority in Gelsenkirchen is even considering reducing the number of lessons. But in Werne things are very different.

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