Other prominent Tory politicians are entering the fray to succeed JohnsonWorld News 

Other prominent Tory politicians are entering the fray to succeed Johnson

Other prominent Tory politicians are entering the fray to succeed Johnson

10 Downing Street is the official residence of the British Prime Minister in London


After British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation, eight candidates entered the race to replace him as the leader of the Tories. Three political heavyweights threw their hats into the ring on Saturday: retired health secretary Sajid Javid, acting finance minister Nadhim Zahavi and former health and foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt. Defense Minister Ben Wallace, who was considered one of the favorites to succeed Johnson, decided not to run.

Javid and Hunt announced in the interviews given to “Sunday Telegraph” that in case of successful candidacy, they will reduce the corporate income tax from 25 to 15 percent. Zahavi also advocated tax cuts. However, the trio is not among the narrow favorites. Hunt had already applied for party chairmanship in 2019, but failed to defeat Johnson.

The prime minister announced his resignation as party leader on Thursday following an unprecedented internal party upheaval over a series of scandals. This also sealed his end as head of government. However, he announced that he will continue to serve until the election of his successor, which may last until the fall.

Tom Tugendhat, the influential MP in the race to succeed Johnson, and Suella Braverman, the attorney general and Brexit campaigner, were the first to venture out from undercover. Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who resigned in protest against Johnson, also announced his candidacy on Friday. Equal Opportunities Minister Cammy Badenoch, who has also just resigned, and Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced their ambitions on Saturday.

Defense Minister Wallace, meanwhile, has announced that he will not run. Observers ranked the 52-year-old man among the most promising candidates for Johnson’s successor. “After careful consideration and discussion with colleagues and family, I have made the decision not to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party,” Wallace wrote on Twitter.

This was “not an easy choice”. But his “focus” is on his current position. Wallace is in the responsible position of defense secretary in light of the war in Ukraine and has received much praise for it.

Other cabinet members are expected to be nominated to replace Johnson, including Secretary of State Liz Truss and Foreign Trade Secretary Penny Mordon. Sunak is currently considered one of the favorites for the Tories’ top job. A poll of Tory members put Sunak in first place, just ahead of Truss.

The timetable for the election of the leader of the Conservative Tory party will be worked out on Monday. The successor will officially replace Boris Johnson at the party’s conference in early October.


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