Out of stock in Germany, sunflower oil is accepted as payment at the brewery

Brewery in Munich, c GermanyHas found a new way to overcome the shortage of cooking oil Europeallowing customers to pay for their beer with sunflower oil to secure the supplies needed to fry the traditional schnitzels.

with Ukraine and Russia Many European countries, including Germany, which account for about 80% of global sunflower oil exports, have seen supply cuts since Russia invaded its neighbor in February.

Managers at Giesinger Brewery believe they may have the answer to the problem with an offer for beer lovers Beer one liter of your favorite drink for the same amount of sunflower oil.

“It all came about because we just ran out of oil in the kitchen, so we had to get creative,” pub manager Eric Hoffman told Reuters TV.

Bottles of rapeseed and sunflower oil are often missing from supermarket shelves in Germany, and many stores divide the number of bottles per customer.

“It’s very difficult to get oil … if you need 30 liters a week and you only get 15, at some point you won’t be able to fry the schnitzel anymore,” Hoffmann said, adding that customers have exchanged 400 liters for beer.

While a liter of beer in German pubs costs about 7 euros, a liter bottle of sunflower oil costs about 4.5 euros. Euro: – making the offer attractive to many customers.

Customer Moritz Baller bought 80 liters of sunflower oil on a humanitarian aid trip in Ukraine for his shipment along with 8 cases of beer for his birthday party.

“The campaign is good,” he said. “We can get cheap beer, and yes, Giesinger Brewery is helped too.”

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