Overwatch 2: rebalancing only in the second season

Blizzard announced & lstrok ;, & zdot; that Overwatch 2 gameplay balance changes will hit & aogon; play only in the second season.

As we read on the game’s official blog, “each character’s win stat is between 45% and 55%, we are not planning any more balance changes based on what we can see“. The exception is & cacute; weakened Zaria, usually considered too strong & aogon; in Total Mayhem mode. Creators revise & aogon; Character stats on October 25th.

Instead of this, our team & lstrok; plan to introduce & cacute; in the second season of the series & eogon; balance changeswhich with & aogon; in keeping with our strong intention to make the game generally well-balanced and fair, while making each season more distinct. to & zdot; alone & sacute; & cacute;“- explains Blizzard.

The developers stated that & zdot; es & aogon; satisfied with the current state of the game. & None of the heroes have much of an advantage over the rest of & aogon;, and the character & eogon; of & cacute; properly balanced. Especially & aogon; comments & eogon; by & sacute; wi & eogon; tea & aogon; a new character – Kiriko, who over time, after the players acquire the appropriate knowledge, can turn out & cacute; si & eogon; too strong.

The company will apologize to & lstrok;, and also & zdot; for technical problems that n & eogon; kaj & aogon; gr & eogon; already & zdot; since the premiere. How are you & eogon; We recently learned that one of the b & lstrok; & eogon; s even produces computers for gamers & lstrok; & aogon; czaj & aogon; si & eogon; or restart & aogon; during the game.

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