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With the release of Overwatch 2, the Tank class has completely changed. Removing a tank from both teams each match and limiting shields made them less focused on protecting teammates and more focused on engaging in fights and fighting their way to victory. Here’s a tier list detailing the best tank heroes in Overwatch 2 at the start of Season 2.

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Overwatch 2 tank character tier list

S rank

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As in the case of the first Overwatch, D.Va is a character that can do a lot. He can sink the enemy team while staying behind and protect his team with Defensive Matrix. Orisa’s rework made her more of a concrete fighting threat, giving her new weapons and more survivability on Scraps. You no longer need to hide behind a barrier shield. She will get in your face and outlive you. With the addition of Kiriko and her Suzu Protection ability, Roadhog has become a serious threat that can survive many attacks and status effects.

a break

  • Reinhardt, Winston, Zarya
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Reinhardt is still the most reliable shield, but now his offensive abilities have been improved. It has become even more likely that he can get into clashes with enemies and walk away. Winston’s placement here has more to do with the strength of Tracer and Genji and how we see diving comps being viable. His new alt-fire is a nice addition to taking out anyone out of range. While Zarya has received some nerfs, she’s still a powerful tank to have on your team when she’s almost fully charged. If the enemy team doesn’t know how to stop her, she’s a force.

Class B

  • Ramattra, wrecking ball
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Ramattra’s announcement for season 2 had many people thinking he was going to be an unstoppable beast, but first impressions show that he’s a bit weaker than people initially imagined. He’s too easy to take down for the Tank role, and while both fire modes have their uses, they’re pretty inconsistent. Perhaps with more time he will move up this list. As for the Wrecking Ball, it probably has the most survivability in Overwatch 2, but you need to understand how to use it really well before actually using it. If you don’t, he will be leaving his team on an island for the opponent.

hand crank

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Doomfist’s move in the tank slot will likely take some time to hit. Rightfully so, his damage has been reduced significantly in favor of increased movement and survivability. It can interrupt enemies, but it doesn’t seem like a must-pick right now. Unless you’re really good at Doomfist, you’re likely to die or run away from battles where you didn’t make much of an impact. Sigma still has his team back from the first game, but now that he would be the only tank on a team, he can be easily attacked. There are certain maps it can excel on, but outside of them, it’s not really the best option.

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