Owners urged to provide pet care during heatwave – SABC News

Veterinarians are urging animal lovers to monitor their pets for heat stroke amid prolonged heatwaves in some parts of the country.

High temperatures were observed in parts of the Northern, Eastern and Western Cape.

Veterinarian Ingrid De Wit says immediate medical attention should be sought if animals are dehydrated.

“Yes, we have cases of dehydration. Dehydration usually doesn’t happen very quickly. This happens in a few hours. As well as even overheating. Both are life-threatening situations and medical emergencies. Sometimes you have to be a little creative. You can wet a towel, put it in your freezer for a few hours, take it out and put it on the floor for your dog to lie down on.”

Heat wave warnings

South Africa’s weather service has advised people to drink water to stay hydrated as some parts of the country experience high temperatures.

Forecaster Wiseman Dlamini says provinces such as KwaZulu-Natal are likely to continue to endure hot conditions on Monday.

“We don’t have any warning for today and tomorrow for the whole province in terms of temperatures, yes the whole province is experiencing hot temperatures in the northern interior areas around 34, 35 degrees on average, then in the midlands around 33 degrees, Coastal areas around 32 and after this the western interior again around 33, 32 degrees you can see most areas with high temperatures and we also expect the same conditions tomorrow, it is always advisable during these conditions to keep hydrated as much as you can,” Dlamini explained.

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