Pablo Urdangarin and his “accident” 22 years old, on crutches and at rest

Pablo Urdangarin celebrates. King Felipe VI’s nephew turns 22 this year. A much heralded closure that began with an “evil pie” as the young man suffered a terrible fall during the final party with Balonmano Barcelona, ​​which led him to esguince en el tobillo derecho, which forced me to leave the track blindfolded and on crutches. Although it is not a serious injury, you will soon be able to resume your normal routine, this time it will be up to you to blow out the candles while keeping him still.


Likewise, this is the first anniversary that the athlete celebrates after his fathers split, Inyaki Urdangarin and Doña Cristina. In this very delicate stage for his family, Pablo has profiled himself as a very mature and respectable young man. Despite the fact that their parents are no longer together, they have offered their unconditional support throughout and even are exercised as an impromptu speaker with the press and with great temple and affection, he denied any kind of controversy or misunderstanding.


Pablo Urdangarin recounts how it was to meet his abuelo, King Juan Carlos

Iñaki Urdangarin enjoys the beach with his children in his first summer since his separation from Infanta Cristina

It was this most intimate side of his home that was candid in a recent interview with Barca TV. He recognizes that his immediate environment is essential in his life and that his priests are his referents. Así demonstrated in the pros, where he followed in the footsteps of his priest with great success. At these moments, the son of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofia every time he puts more weight on the Blaugrana team on the one who wins the back 77, a tribute to Ignachi who in his time as a player weighs 7. Similarly, he is very united with his 3 brothers: Juan (23), Miguel (20) and Irene (17), with whom we have seen many planes during the summer season.


Pablo is also aware that it is very complicated to make a hole in the sports elite because he is very focused on his studios which lead to provide the necessary training in case your withdrawal happens prematurely. If you are attending the final course of your degree Sports management at the European University of Barcelona, ​​a career very similar to business administration but more focused on the sports industry and taught entirely in English.

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Pablo Urdangarin recounts how it was to meet his abuelo, King Juan Carlos


discreet and restrained

There’s no denying that over the past few years, Pablo has undergone a major physical transformation that has turned him into the most attractive young man, with an enviable physique in one that stands out his great height and his blue eyes. However, the frontman prefers to stay in the background when talking about matters of the heart and has not been sentimentally linked to his mother in an official way.

Exclusive: Juan and Pablo Urdangarin, the hug of the two brothers who say it all

The images that confirm the transformation of Pablo Urdangarin: from discreet son of Doña Cristina to rompecorazones on the beaches of Bidart

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