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Pacheco responds to the 8/1 CPI posting order request

Photo: Adriano Machado / The Antagonist

President of the Senate Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG)claimed that The request of Senator Soraya Tronic (União-MT) for the installation of the CPI on the acts of January 8 was presented in the previous legislature without requiring analysis. The current legislature began on February 1.

“The legislature, in other words, cannot delegate to a succeeding legislature the duty of establishing or continuing a parliamentary inquiry.” said the document, which was presented by the Legal Department of the Bureau in response to the question of the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court, Gilmar Mendez.

Soraya Tronic entered the STF with a writ of mandamus seeking an injunction to set up the CPI.

Still in response to the minister, Pacheco insisted that “there is no clear and definite right to the immediate installation of the CPI.” Finally, he emphasized that it is the competence of the legislator to decide the requests submitted by the deputies to the chamber.

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