Palmeiras returns from injury on the eve of the decision against São Bernardo

Verdão faces Team ABC next Saturday, the 11th, at Allianz Parque, for the Paulistão quarterfinals

Cesar Greco/Palmeiras – 10/03/2022Abel Ferreira gestures and makes a face during the match against Botafogo, in Engenhão
Abel Ferreira leads Palmeiras at Allianz Parque

O palm trees did another activity Football Academy this Thursday, on the 9th, a day before the duel with Saint Bernardat Allianz Parque, for the quarterfinals of Paulista Championship 2023 – the ball starts rolling from 19:00 (Brasília time). In training, the technician Abel Ferreira started the day with technical-tactical work with an emphasis on placements, specific movements and transitions. He then developed activities to improve the creation of pieces and finalize the players that make up the attacking sector. Meanwhile, the defenders perfected their exits, turnovers and completions. The main innovation was the presence of Marcelo Lomba, the goalkeeper recovered from a broken finger on his left hand and will be available for the match against the ABC team. Since the final of the Brazilian Super Cup, against Flamengo, the archer will be Weverton’s reserve. That way, the only deletion will be atuestaa Colombian midfielder who will be out for six months due to a serious injury.

“It was a month and a week out, and being out is never good. The only positive part is that I was able to participate actively, do physical work in the gym and on the field, play with my feet. Rogerião and Thales (coaches) involved me a lot in the goalkeeper work. Now I am fine physically and technically. I have worked well this week and the time has come. Very motivated by this moment”, said the goalkeeper. “It’s a different week, but not in the routine, because we always have hard work weeks and we keep processes all year round. The big difference is in the attention to small details, in the tactical part, the groups, the control, the perfect execution, because we know that it is a game that does not allow mistakes. We have to be perfectionists, be attentive and that is part of the mind. It’s good that we have an experienced group, a mixture of champion players, who have experienced a few crucial weeks, with these kids who have a lot of talent,” he added.

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