Papers, Please launches for iOS and Android on August 5th

Papers, Please developer Lucas Pope has announced the development and release of a mobile version of the game. Along with that, he shared an image of what the famous simulator of border guards looks like on the small screen.

Image credit: Lucas Pope

It is known that Mobile Papers, Please will be released on August 5 for iOS and Android. The game will not be shareware, instead, the developer has decided to release it as a paid app. It should be noted that it will only work in portrait mode. On tablets, expect the game to display like the iPad version. By the way, the project appeared there 7 years ago.

The interface of the mobile version is slightly simplified, but the difficulty of the game will remain the same thanks to the adapted balance. The content of the story will also be identical. And owners of the iPad version will get the iOS version of Papers immediately, for free please.

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