Parauapebas (PA) opens a competition with 269 vacancies in several fields. salaries up to 5.8 thousand

THE: Municipality of Parahuapebas, in the state For, announced the holding of a state competition for hiring 269 specialists in various fields of public administration.

The application period begins on October 19, 2022.

Salaries offered by the City of Parahuapebas vary BRL 2,381.00 It BRL 5,802.48 monthly.

THE: Research Support and Development Fund (Fadesp) is responsible for organizing the competition.

Vacancies and Salaries Parauapebas – PA

The Municipality of Parahuapebas, State of Pará, offers through a public tender: 269 ​​vacancies for immediate completion and vacancies for the formation of the reserve register.

Opportunities are for candidates basic level, medium/trainer and: higherdistributed between the following positions:

Elementary level

  • Community Health Agent – ACS – Urban Zone – 115 Vacancies;
  • Community Health Officer – ACS – Rural Area – 17 Vacancies.

Suggested salary for an entry-level position BRL 2,424.00 200 working hours per month.

Intermediate/Technical Level

  • Transit and transport agent – CR;
  • Endemic Combat Agent – ACE – 10 vacancies;
  • Electrician (2); Urban planning inspector – 2 vacancies;
  • Computer instructor – 6 vacancies;
  • laboratory assistant – 2 vacancies;
  • Radiologist technician – 2 vacancies;
  • Building technician – 4 vacancies;
  • Work safety technician – 5 vacancies.

Salaries vary for mid-level/technical positions BRL 3,116.72 It BRL 3,663.10 depending on the working day position, which varies from 180 to 200 hours per month.

A higher level

  • Professor Sector I – Primary Regions – Urban Zone – 40 Vacancies;
  • Professor area I – Primary regions – Rural area – 8 vacancies;
  • Area I Teacher – Manger – Urban area – 30 vacancies;
  • Area I Teacher – Early Childhood Education – Urban Area – 15 Vacancies;
  • Area I Teacher – Preschool Education – Village – 1 Vacancy.

For higher level positions, the fee is: BRL 5,802.48 per month for a total of 200 hours per month for all posts.

To run for one of the vacant positions, a candidate must prove the minimum education required for the position, in addition to being over 18 years of age, Brazilian and electoral and military justice (for male candidates).

Register Parauapebas – PA

Those who wish to participate in the public tender of the Municipality of Parauapebas – PA must register between October 19, 2022 It November 9, 2022 directly through the website extinguish.

The cost of the application fee ranges from R$70.00 to R$90.00 depending on the position sought by the candidate.

Parauapebas – PA competition stages

The public tender of the Municipality of Parahuapebas will be conducted through objective evidence nature of qualification and elimination and common to all posts.

The application of the objective test is scheduled on the day December 11, 2022

for the charge teacher will still be valuation of securities.

For the position of Transit and Transport Agent will also require assessment of physical fitness.

The public tender for Paraupebas City Hall will be valid for one year from the date of approval and may be extended for another year for the same period.

Click here read the full public notice and get more information about the Parahuapebas Municipality Contest in the State of Pará 2022

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